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Conversion rate optimization

At it's core a website should achieve one of two things.

Either you are trying to sell a product or service on your site or You are trying to collect the visitors email address so you can communicate with them at a later date.

Either of these things is known as a conversion

Conversion rate optimization is the art of taking your existing website and existing traffic and improving it's performance.

an example:
  • If you have a 100 visitors coming to a specific page and you have two people take an action.
  • Your conversion rate for this page is 2%
  • If you optimize the page to maximize conversions and increase the amount of people taking that action to 5
  • Your conversion rate becomes 5%
  • The exact same amount of traffic goes to the page , but the page's effectiveness has been increased by 150% just by optimizing the page.
At SiteZero, we optimize web pages to increase the return on investment (ROI)  that you have made in your website.

Conversion rate optimization is ...

  • a data driven approach to website improvement
  • Taking your existing web traffic and improving the results you get
  • Gaining an understanding through testing of why people convert and why they don"t
  • Gaining insights into your customers that will help across the board in your business.
Conversion Rate optimization is NOT...

  • an opinion or hunch on what looks good and MIGHT work
  • it is definitely not  the HIPPO ( highest paid persons opinion)
  • about driving endless streams of traffic that do nothing on your site.
  • Easy.
Conversion Rate Optimization = Testing

Testing = understanding.

Wouldn't it be nice if you understood your clients better.

Conversion optimization can help you do that.

By performing what is known A/B testing or multi variant testing we gain huge insights into why people do what they do on your website.

And with that knowledge comes understanding.

Understanding of why it is that your clients behave in a certain manner when they are on your site.

Understanding what they like and dislike.

Understanding you can take, to develop better relationships with your clients so that they spend more with you than your competitors.

Conversion rate optimization is about understanding your clients  better than you did before.

To speak to one of our experts on how CRO can work for your business .