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Is your business for the mobile website revolution?

Does your business really need a mobile website?

Well the answer is, yes .... and here's why:

Australia has 30.2 Million Mobile Services,
Greater than 130% of the population.

Australians spend on average 4.2 hours per week using their mobile.

It's predicted that in 2014 mobile usage to access the Internet worldwide will surpass computer usage for the first time.

When people are using their mobile phone to look at your website what are they seeing?

Are they seeing a mobile friendly website that will encourage them to engage with your business more? Are they seeing a normal desktop version of your site?

Research from Google has shows that when you have a hard to read mobile website, 61% of your audience leaves. A part of that audience will go to the competitor that has a good mobile designed website......

Mobile usage is on the rise and if consumers are not satisfied with your mobile offering then 40% of them are going to go to a competitor.

So, when your customers visit your site on a mobile device what are they looking for?



Mobile devices, by their nature are small, so, simplicity is a important factor for you to consider.



Research has shown that people browsing on a mobile phone are looking for a local supplier. Having the ability to find you via a map or call you with a single click is important.



Many mobile users are researching their next buy. Having the ability for users to conduct basic research via your mobile site is imperative.

SiteZero and your mobile site

SiteZero provides a fully integrated mobile experience for  users of our LaunchPad CMS.

Our system intelligence detects when a visitor is on your site using a mobile device and Automatically displays the mobile site ....

It does this using special technology that detects the pixel width of the screen allowing you to display you full site to a tablet user and the mobile site experience to a mobile user.

This gives you the best opportunity possible to engage and interact with your potential customers in a way that they find useful and helpful.  

What to do next

With 17 years of digital experience under its belt. SiteZero is perfectly placed to advise you on the best path forward for your mobile digital strategy.

Don't miss out on the burgeoning opportunity to promote your business with a mobile website.

Click here to find out more or call us on 1300 937 600 

The 7 step guide to better profits online is a MUST READ if you are wanting to take your website to the next level.


Written by industry Veteran Richard Norris , a pioneer in digital marketing and Ecommerce.
This guide will help you understand what it takes to build a successful online asset.

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