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Welcome to LaunchPad Foundations

This course has been specifically designed to have a brief look at numerous features within LaunchPad.

Many of the courses will have a further, more in depth module that you can go through upon completion of LaunchPad Foundations.

Course Subjects

creatingpages_button This subject shows you how to go about CreatingPages within LaunchPad. Pages are the bricks and mortar to your website. Done correctly they will bring many visitors and business to your website.
editingbar_button This subject runs through the objects within the editing bar. This feature is full of tools that will aid in the editing of your content. From creating headings to the simple act of cut and paste, the editing bar will allow you to be creative in the layout of your webpage.
uploadingimages_button This subject will guide you through the steps of how to upload an image to your website. Images are a fantastic way to showcase your products and services online.
uploadingfiles_button This subject guides you on how to upload a file within LaunchPad. Having a file on your website is useful for sharing PDF’s such as product manuals or specification sheets.
linkingobject_button This subject will guide you through how to use the linking object and how to link to various mediums. Linking is an easy way to allow your visitors quick access to other information on your website. There are numerous objects you can link to from a specific piece of content such as text or an image.
creatingblogs_button This subject guides you through the steps needed to create a blog. Having a blog on your website is an efficient way to get content added to your website regularly.
creatingforms_button Learn the steps required to create a form within LaunchPad within this subject. Forms enable the visitors of your website to communicate with you. They also present you with an oppourtunity to gather information about your visitors.
insertingtables_button This subject shows you the process of how to insert a table on your web pages using LaunchPad. There are so many uses for a table, from crafting a newsletter to effectively comparing products. Having a table creates a nice, even look to your webpage when having multiple mediums on a page.
editingmenus_button This subject will guide you on how to edit the menu of your website. Your menu is vitally important. It is the road map to your website, without it people want know where to find what they are looking for.
infocolumnediting_button This subject will guide you through the Information Column and the basics needed to make some changes. The Information Column, or Info Column for short, refers to the side column that can be found on either the left or the right hand side of your website.
googleanalytics_button This subject will look at the basics of Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to look at your website’s performance and see where the strengths are as well the weaknesses.

Upon completion of LaunchPad Foundations you will have the choice of going through our advanced courses depending on your business needs and requirements.














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