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Email Marketing

Our LaunchPad CMS is a powerful tool for business, with blogging, ecommerce and email marketing.

With LaunchPad you can have users sign up to a form and they are added straight into a mailing list where you can immediately send them off your newsletters or email broadcasts, all from the one place.

Tailor your emails to include what you want.

  • You can use email marketing to notify your customers about upcoming deals and offers
  • Let customers or readerships know about new blog posts or news to do with your business

But why should you use email marketing?

  • Email Marketing Improves Brand Awareness and Customer Relations
  • Email Marketing Excels in Return-on-Investment
  • Email Marketing Has a Wide Reach
  • It draws more web traffic.
  • It keeps customers in the loop.
  • It builds relationships.

Email Marketing is a built in to LaunchPad CMS and it ready to use as soon and your site is.

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