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The Editing Bar

This feature is full of tools that will aid in the editing of your content. From creating headings to the simple act of cut and paste, the editing bar will allow you to be creative in the layout of your webpage.


This module will cover the items of the editing bar as if we were reading it like a book. Starting from the top left and moving along to the right then moving down to the far left of the second line. The tools surrounded by a red box will be covered in another module.

Text Format Drop Down


This tool enables you to change the format of text. This is where you will have the ability to create headings. Headings are used for page headings. As you can see on this page, the heading for each object in the editing bar is in heading 3; whilst at the very top (the title of this module) is in heading 1. Simply highlight the text you want formatted and the click the drop down arrow and then choose the format style you want. Instantly you will see the change in formatting of you selected text.

For Instance,

Heading 1,


Heading 2.

Text Formatting Tools


This covers the next four items in the editing bar, bolditalic, underline and strikethrough. As you did for the format drop down, simply highlight the text you want formatted and then choose what format style you want to implement.

Content Alignment


This tool enables you to align pieces of content on your webpage. Simply click on the image or video, or highlight the text that you want to align either to the left, center, right or to justify (aligns text to both left and right margins, adding extra space between words if necessary).

Ordered and Unordered Lists


Lists are a great way to display content. They are easy to read and to follow along with. Much like you would use in Microsoft Word simply click either the ordered (numbers) or unordered (dots) icon to begin making your list. Pushing the Enter key on your keyboard will automatically produce the next number in sequence or the next dot.

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2

Text Indentation


The next tool in the editing bar allows you to increase and decrease the indent level of your paragraph.

Block Quote


This tool is very useful when writing testimonials as it formats the text as if you would a quote. Simply highlight the text that you want to turn to a block quote and select the block quote object in the editing bar.

For example “Something like this”.

Subscript and Superscript


Subscript and superscript enable you to write text slightly smaller and either beneath or above the previous pieces of text.

For example, here is subscript and superscript.  

Insert Horizontal Ruler


By clicking this tool you will insert a horizontal line the width of the page. This feature is good for separating different bits of text or content when a table is not suitable. As you can see below.

Remove Formatting


If you highlight already formatted text and then click remove formatting, it will be re-formatted to the standard format when you first started typing.

Cut, Copy and Paste


These tools are exactly the same as in Word. If you have copied from a word document and want to paste on to your webpage, then choose the paste from word button in the editing bar of LaunchPad, paste your text into that window by using Ctrl + V (Command +Von Mac) , and then choose the insert button at the bottom of the window.  

Find and Find & Replace


Simply choose the find tool to find a certain word or phrase within your text. Choosing find and replace will enable you to find a word or phrase and replace with another of your choosing.

Toggle Fullscreen Mode


Webpages can have a lot of content on them. Sometimes it because frustrating having to constantly scroll to the editing bar and then scroll back down to where you were editing. By choosing toggle full screen the editing bar will always be at the very top of your tab/window to make your editing easier.

Undo and Redo


By far everyone’s favourite tool in the editing bar is the undo button. We have deleted something that we weren’t supposed to and the undo button has come to our rescue. As the name suggest by clicking the undo button or using Ctrl +Z (Command +Z on Mac) you will undo the last action, by choosing redo or using Ctrl +Y (command +Y on Mac), you will redo the previous action. 

Insert Date, Time and Custom Character


As the name suggest, by choosing insert date and insert time, the current date and time will be added to the page. By choosing insert custom character a small window will appear to which you will be able to choose a custom character to insert on your page. Once you have found the one you want to insert, select it and then click insert.

This concludes the EditingBar module. To return to the LaunchPad Foundations module list, Click Here.














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