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SiteZero Academy

SiteZero Academy has been put in place to provide website training for our clients, specifically on SiteZero's LaunchPad.

What Is Academy?

Academy was born out of a desire to deliver education in a clear concise manner.

We had a vision that whether you are at the office on lunch or at home on your laptop at 2am, you can log in to your website admin and make changes to your website, knowing that there are resources available to help you.

Academy brings peace of mind.

Everyone learns differently. Whether you prefer a print out, a computer screen or a video (coming soon), Academy will address all learning styles to ensure everyone has the same oppourtunity to learn.

The Academy vision will never stop growing, as the deliverance of information changes so will Academy...but it all starts here.

How Does Academy Work?

SiteZero Academy has broken down everything that there is to know about LaunchPad into easy to follow courses, each course is made up of modules. You complete the course once you have completed all the modules.

The very first course that we offer is LaunchPad Foundations. This course covers the minimal tasks you need to keep your website functional. LaunchPad Foundations is an ideal starting point for LaunchPad subscribers.

Every business is different, they have different needs and requirements. So once you have completed LaunchPad Foundations you get to choose from a range of advanced courses depending on the needs of your website. These courses range from eCommerce to Google Analytics and Page Elements. These advanced courses aren't compulsory, however, we do recommend that you complete at least four of the advanced courses so that you can utilise LaunchPad to its full potential.













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