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Images for Inspiration, Content Marketing, Being Social and Infographics

Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 10:02:42 AM EST by

Link Round Up 19th January, 2012.

Welcome to the first installment of a weekly "round up". We want to share five links every week that are interesting to people who do business via the web.

To share your opinions, ask questions, or relate war stories, please leave a comment below! We'd love to hear them.


Cool Images

Lets face it, some sweet graphics on your website can make a world of difference. It can reinforce your branding, attract people to dig deeper on your site, and even aid with navigation. The link above is some of the cool photographs and images that have inspired us in recent weeks.

Fair Use vs Copyright - a practical guide

Seth Godin writes why Fair Use is an important legal principle, and gives some practical advice on how to leverage it. As mentioned above, graphics above are important; Seth gives some pointers on how and when (and when not to) to use other peoples images and photographs.

Is Content Marketing is for Real?

Well, it sure is for real when Coca Cola remake their entire marketing plan around content marketing. This is indicitive of a shift that has been happening for years - the importance of television is declining, and the web is where people are found now.

Ranking in Search Engines now means being Social

Still trying to figure out why this whole Social Media thing is important for your business? The folks at Bing (yes, the other big search engine) give some straight up advice on why and how it works, and what you can do to get involved.

The Importance of Quality Score in your AdWords campaign

If you are running a Google AdWords campaign, understanding what Quality Score is all about is essential. Get the low down on this complex metric through this easy to understand infographic.

Stephen Hamilton is a Search Engine Marketing Consultant at SiteZero.

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