Website Secrets Part 2

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:25:25 PM EST by Richard Norris


At the end of last year I did an exposé on the secrets to a great website.  

One bit of information that I got was just too large to include in my original report.  So without any more hesitation here is the final report on the secrets to having a successful business website.

It is easy to become solely focused on the mechanics of your website.  Logging in, editing a page, uploading photos, changing prices of products, these are all important things, but they are what I call the mechanics. And if you only ever focus on the mechanics then long term success will be elusive.

Does this sound a bit like you? Then follow these simple tips:

1. Step away from the computer – you don’t really need a computer for this exercise, and for most people it will actually hinder you.  Instead, grab a notepad or perhaps a whiteboard and some pens – whatever you find more useful for taking notes.

2. Ideally, you’ll spend some time doing this when you are relaxed, unhurried, and uninterrupted.  If that means closing the door to your office and taking the phone off the hook, or spending 30 minutes by the pool on a Sunday afternoon, then seize the opportunity.

3. Consider these questions, and actually take some time just thinking about them before trying to write down solutions:

a. Why do people do business with me and my company?

b. Why should people do business with me and my company?

c. What problems do I solve for my customer?

d. What questions does my customer have that they need answered before deciding to business with me?

e. How can I share useful information (like these tips!) with my customer?

f. How do I take this and use it to create genuinely useful and interesting material that will attract new clients, and help retain existing clients?

g. Where and when do I share this material with my clients and prospective clients? (Hint: your website is a great place to start!)

4. Hopefully, you’ve got some great ideas, and maybe you’re even a little bit excited by the ideas you have.  Now start writing down what they are, and what format they could take.  By format, I mean deciding if they are going to be one of, or a combination of, the following:

a. A blog post

b. An image gallery

c. A simple video (the new iPhones are a great way to do simple videos)

d. An audio recording of an interview with an industry expert (that might be you!)

e. An ebook

f.  A downloadable list of useful resources or tips

g. A regular email newsletter

h. And many more formats, such as direct mail, catalogues, product information sheets, web-forms to automate common inquiries, etc.

5. Now that you have some specific details written down, start setting aside time to producing this material.  Put some timelines in place, and most importantly, ask for help!  It will make your life easier, and will help make the end product better.

Do you want to know more website secrets?

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Jan 10, 2012 at 9:53 PM
Good secrets you have revealed. Very revealing post as well. Thanks.
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