Three Lessons From The Royal Wedding

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 1:58:21 PM EST by Richard Norris


Millions of people today will be celebrating the holy matrimony between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Hype has been built over many years surrounding William and Kate’s relationship. It's all lead up to today. People are asking, “Will it be the same as Diana and Charles wedding?” “What will Kate’s dress look like?” I just want to know what flavour cake they are having. Because of this wedding pandemonium, here are three lessons for your website based around the royal event.

  1. Sizzle - Content & Accessibility and Keywords
  2. Pop - Links
  3. Buzz - Social Signals

Though this may seem like a rip off of Kellogg’s popular cereal Rice Bubbles, but I promise it has something to do with generating more performance out of you website.

The Royal Wedding has been anticipated for quite some time now. Invitations have been sent out and TV privileges have been set and organised. William and Kate want as many people to share in their special day as possible. You, as a business owner, are no different. You want as many people as possible to do business with you. So let’s extract these lessons so you can start generating success online.

1. Sizzle – Content & Accessibility and Keywords.

William and Kate have spent months planning their wedding. From Kate’s dress to Williams’s suit, centre pieces to the menu and floral arrangements. This is their content. You have to plan every aspect of your content. William and Kate wouldn’t take a shortcut on the cake so you don’t get to take a shortcut on the quality of your images.

People then need to have access to it. Ian Thorpe got an invitation so he just has to ask his limo to take him to Westminster by a certain time. In another situation, what if there is someone that requires a wheel chair. William and Kate would need to organise with Westminster Abbey that there is sufficient wheelchair accessibility.

Your content needs to be accessible to your audience. For instance, you navigation needs to be clear and easy to follow. Those garden mazes aren’t the ideal model for your websites navigation. Furthermore are your keywords relevant enough to your content that Google is going to be able to index your site? Considering this ensure that you website is built with good clean code and not built on flash. Otherwise Google won’t index it. LaunchPad is a great example of a platform with these properties.

Without this sizzle you aren’t going to get a pop.

2. Pop – Links.

William and Kate have it in their favour that they already have some sort of fame which makes publicity a little bit easier. All the ‘it’ people will know about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if Justin Bieber sang at the reception. Never the less certain marketing ploys were followed to ensure that as many people know about this event as possible.

Links make your site ‘pop’ular. Get your site publicised with someone or some business that is an authority on the genre relevant to your business. If you are a packaging company that uses environmentally friendly materials, get links from Clean Up Australia. If you deal with mining supplies get links from Rio Tinto.

Just because your sizzle is good doesn’t mean you get to pop, you still need to work for it. Writing columns and blogs relating to your industry puts in some elbow grease to generate that pop. Participating in forums as an expert in your field is another great way.

Sizzle, we have. Pop, we also have. Bring on the buzz.

3. Buzz – Social Signals.

From 4pm EST today every mainstream television station will be showing the Royal Wedding. Although Ian Thorpe received a proper written invitation, we regular people got invited courtesy of television. William and Kate made sure that every one who couldn’t make it on the day could experience their wedding on some level. This is their twitter and Facebook.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media vessels give you the tools to send out information to those who normally couldn’t or wouldn’t be expected to visit your site. I wouldn’t be expected to show up at Westminster Abbey but because of social media I can experience the Royal Wedding purely by seeing what people are tweeting and posting on Facebook. 

Tap into the Buzz of society by using social media to promote your business or product. Set up a Twitter and Facebook profile, and actual use them. Promote blog posts on twitter, create competitions on Facebook. The bigger the buzz, the bigger biz.

There we are three lessons about SEO from the Royal Wedding. If you want to know about Sizzle, Pop or Buzz, contact us.

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