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Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:20:32 PM EST by Richard Norris

Our goal at SiteZero is about getting your business to a point of success through the use of a website.

That’s the journey we want to guide you along.  But where do you start? What do you do before you even sign up for a website?  In order to answer these questions I have asked the various departments within SiteZero, ideally what a client (you) should have ready before we begin the process.

Jonathan, who heads up sales, is very easy to please. The only thing he would like a client to have is a willingness to do some work to achieve a good result.

Stephen who looks after Pay-Per-Click and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a bit more demanding but that’s because SEO is an art form that needs to be considered and researched vigorously.  “There are few things I like more than meeting with a client who has a clear understanding and vision of how their business interacts with their customers online”, Stephen answered.  “This means they understand what the goals are, and also what some of the key steps are to reach those goals. I often talk with clients about macro and micro conversions. A well-prepared client may not be familiar with these specific terms, but they are well acquainted with the concept”, Stephen continued.

“A macro conversion means the main goal – a sale, appointment, quote opportunity etc.  It is whatever the primary purposes of the website are for their business. Conversely, a micro conversion is a smaller goal that enables the customer to progress towards the primary goal – something like downloading an eBook, subscribing to a newsletter, or commenting on a blog.  These are early forms of information-gathering and engagement that, when handled appropriately, often result in the customer progressing to fulfilment of the primary goals”, he explained. “A clear understanding of their own customers and market, combined with an understanding of this process means working with our clients is usually much more successful for everyone”.

Our Account Manager, Richard, had the same underlying message as Stephen in that he would like a client that has clear defined goals of what they would like the website to achieve.  Richard also stated that “It does not need to be a grandiose goal necessarily, but rather a clear idea of what they would like the website to achieve.  Of course, it’s obviously best if the website goal is in alignment with the larger business goals so that the website is assisting in achieving the overall business goals”.

Our Chief of Support, Rachel, is looking for the more technical aspect of your website.  You may need to consult an IT expert to obtain this information.  “If a client would like SiteZero to host their email they would need to know what mail service they would like, Small Business or Business mail.  Then I would need to know all the required mailboxes.  If a client doesn’t want SiteZero to host their email I would need the IP addresses of their preferred email provider.

“I would need to know the client’s domain details such as the relevant name servers. I would also need to know if they would like to have SiteZero manage their domain for them. If yes, I would need the registry key to initiate the domain transfer”.

In order to prepare yourself before a scheduled design meeting with Scott, our Design Guru, it might be best to get a better picture of what you are wanting by drafting up your own website on paper.  Not only does it help Scott know exactly what kind of template to create for you, but it can also help you out by supplying a view on how a website functions.  However if you feel you’re not a very creative person to draft up a website, simply draw up a Site Map in something like Microsoft Visio.  Jonathan can help direct you in this process. This can assist Scott astronomically through setting up a core plan within your website.

Michelle the wonderful Accounts Secretary would like the client to submit a signed Payway form (you would get this from Jonathan in the sales process) and to keep a copy for their own records so that they are aware of when their payments are going to start.  Bank account or credit card details must be current and have sufficient funds each month for the direct debit to occur.  There must be a functioning email address for clients to receive their invoices & correspondence.  If the client wants to register a domain name when they sign up then they must be able to provide an ABN, registered company name & address and contact details (person, phone, email).

As for me, I look after training so I would like a client to be able to commit to one training session a fortnight at our office (alternative means are available for long distance clients) to learn the best way to use your website.  I also look after CommunicationPac’s.  This service is for those clients that want to have up-to-date blog posts and also an email newsletter.  Ideally a client would have a clear understanding of why they want a blog and the purpose of that blog. Secondary to this is an understanding of the sort of client they would like to attract to their website.

This information will be of great benefit to you regardless of your choice of website provider.  

Please feel free to leave any comments below or alternatively contact SiteZero for any further web design questions.

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Richard Started his first Business in 1985 and entered the online world in 1998.
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