The Secret to a High Conversion Rate.

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:00:07 PM EST by Richard Norris


For Rugby League fans, Jonathan Thurston is exciting to watch when he is attempting a conversion.  After his team mates have scored a try he lines up in front of the goal posts to attempt to add two points to their score.  A conversion on your website has the same idea. You have had a win by gaining a visitor to your site, but you now have to take the opportunity to drive the advantage home. Examples of conversions on your website include when someone subscribes to your newsletter or your blog, or when someone buys something from your site. These are both conversions. Your visitor is just having a look around, but you’ve been able to persuade them to undertake a desired action.

A conversion rate is the percentage of conversions you have based on your total amount of visitors. For instance, if you have 1000 visitors and 300 conversions your conversion rate would be 30%.

The secret to generating higher conversions is rather simple but not a lot people are using it to benefit their business. So without further ado , the secret to a high conversion rate is:


It's so simple, I know, but few people use this great tool for conversion. Testimonials are important in converting your visitors to customers. Often, people like to think that they make their own decisions in life. People do what they want when they want to do it and people buy what they want when they want to buy it.

However what they don't realise is they are influenced by other people's experiences.

If you hear a bad review on a movie that your friend just saw, chances are you won't go see it. Your work colleague doesn't shut up about how great this new restaurant is that she just visited. So where do you think your going the next time you plan a night out?

Neither of these where your own decisions. You were influenced by the opinions of others. You fell subject to social proof. 

Social proof is when you use the opinions of others to add value to a product, service or event. These opinions are often called testimonials.

Testimonials certify value.

When you use this technique on your website, you automatically put the value of your business in front of all your visitors. Your visitors read that other people are happy with the work you have don, so they think if these other customers are happy I'm going to be a happy customer as well.

How do you get this amazing tool?


Over your years of business you would have a number of customers or clients that are so happy with your service that they want to tell other about your business. So just ask them!

Testimonials can be a letter or email from a customer stating that you, or your company, did a great job, and that they are satisfied with the result of doing business with you. Why not stick this testimonial on your website?

Also, video testimonials are great. Most smart phones come with HD video capabilities, so use your iPhone a record your clients saying what a great job you have done. It doesn't have to be studio quality; in fact, if it looks like you have shot it on an iPhone you can still get a great result because it's authentic. People love what's real. You only need to have a look a reality TV show success to see proof of societies love for what's real.

You want more business so go get some testimonials, put them on your website, and watch your conversion rate rise!

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