The changing world in which we live

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:45:40 AM EST by Joshua Tregenza

As much as we would sometimes like it to, the world is not standing still.

Change is all around us.

 Constant, unrelenting, continuous change...

There are no two better examples of looking at change than looking at how the internet changed our world and Looking at how the birth of my First son changed my life.

At the time of writing this , my son Liam is nearly 19 years old, a 1995 baby. 

That same year that the internet exploded into the commercial world. 

That year my “little bundle of joy” exploded into our  happy orderly life . 

An event that forever changed my life for the better.

The other event forever changed the entire world’s life for the better.

This convergence of two life changing events is not lost on me. 

From a small spluttering start to a now 18 year old  6’2” behemoth “my little boy” is now a strong strapping teenager ready to unleash himself onto the world.
 Not unlike the small spluttering start the internet had on our lives a short 18 years ago, it also is now a strong strapping teenager  unleashing  its power onto the world.

As I could not have imagined all the glorious things that “my boy” could now do 18 years ago I also could not have imagined all the glorious things that can now be accomplished on the internet.

And in both cases the change has been dramatic, unrelenting and continuous.

And as in both these cases my adjustment to this change has had to be enormous.

Just think of the things that you can do now that 18 years ago seems like only a dream. 

The world has changed so much in 18 years it is almost hard to image how we survived that short time ago.

This change has been all pervasive across all areas of our life. It has changed the way we work, the way we live and the way we play. 

It has even changed the way that some people interact with the opposite that’s change.

Google, Facebook, MSN, websites, Pintrest, Yahoo, are all words that either did not exist or were barely known 18 years ago.

The internet is to our life today what the industrial revolution was to society in the nineteenth century and what the printing press was to mankind in 1440 AD. 
Those changes changed the way mankind lived worked and played in a most substantive way. 

So too, will the internet and technology continue to change our lives. 

In some cases in way we have not yet imagined.

 In some ways good and in some ways bad.

I suspect that this change will continue into the foreseeable future and beyond as new and innovative technologies are invented and worked into our everyday lives. 

Unrelenting change! 
Continuous change! 
Constant change!

And change we must. For those of us that do not change, will, inevitably, be left in the wake of that same change they failed to embrace.

I subscribe to the theory that we must all embrace change. Not for change sake. But for when that change will demonstrably benefit our lives and the lives of those around us.

We only need look back 100 years or so and look at the changes our parents and grandparents saw in their lifetime. 

The automobile, air travel, electricity, penicillin, to name just a few of the incredible changes that arguably made our lives better.

So, as I look to my 18 year old son, as he stands on the precipice of his adult life I wonder what changes he may see during his lifetime , and there will be many. Many more I suspect than I have seen so far. 

And I wonder how those changes might affect his life and those around him and i know the one enduring message that I must teach him.........” Embrace change.”

Richard Norris
SiteZero Internet.

Richard NorrisAbout the Author : Richard Norris.

Richard  is the CEO of SiteZero , an Australian based Digital Marketing Services organization.
Richard loves technology and is the Ecommerce evangelist at SiteZero.
You can connect with Richard on Google + , Linkedin  or at the SiteZero Facebook Page

Richard Started his first Business in 1985 and entered the online world in 1998.
He’s a bit like “The old man and the sea” of digital Marketing
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