Secrets Exposed - How to have a great business website.

Posted: Monday, November 14, 2011 at 9:51:59 AM EST by

This week I went deep undercover to expose some secrets of the business website underworld.


My mission, that I accepted, was to bring to you secrets of creating a business website that brings your business results.

Rachael Muzhari (Support)

Complete updates: Many a time you start editing your business website and perhaps you get caught up with something else, in that time a potential customer visits your website, clicks on the link and it doesn’t take them anywhere,

This often increments your bounce rates and we all want to avoid those. So by all means update your website … but make sure you complete the updates before making them live.

Scott Reimers (Design)

Communicate to your users through design.

One way of assisting your user’s on what to look at in your business website is through effective design. This design principle is called hierarchy. One prime example is buttons; they are generally bigger, bolder, and more colourful with a drop shadow. We us these graphical aids so that buttons are more apparent. It is designed in a way where the user would find it difficult not to look. If this button had bland colours, no drop-shadow and had a small size, generally users would skip right past it. 

Richard Norris (Customer Service)

Have consistency of content going into your business website. Google craves fresh and relevant content. Consider all of the content that you put into your site with the following question in mind.

Does this content add value to the experience of someone looking at this site?

Then make sure that the answer to that question is yes… emphatically yes!

Stephen Hamilton (SEO & PPC)

It is easy to become solely focused on the mechanics of your business website. Logging in, editing a page, uploading photos, changing prices of products are all important things, but they are what I call the mechanics. And if you only ever focus on the mechanics then long term success will be elusive. This is working in your business, are you still working on your business?

Josh Browne (Training & Marketing)

Page purpose is paramount. Without page purpose your content of your business website will be irrelevant. If you are basing your About Us page around ‘sales’ language, you have wasted a page. If your home page is filled with copy about your business you have wasted a page and your website results will suffer. Before you create a page for your business website, identify the sole purpose of that page. Then base your content around that purpose.

Stephen’s tip was so good that it forced me to further my expose’ of the business website underworld. Come back next week to read more of this report.

If you have any comments please don’t leave them at the bottom at fears this report will be exposed. The best way for communication would be to use this form, this way secrecy can be assured.



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