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Here is some of the latest news travelling around the Search Engine universe.

Panda Update

Google launched earlier this year an update to it's
search algorithm, its big math thing to determine
search rankings. That update is called Panda.
Now the name is cute and cuddly but it can have
a serious affect to your website rankings.

This update specifically targets content farms,
which are pages crammed with keywords that
are most likely irrelevant in order to get
higher rankings.

In order to adjust to this update, ensure you are:

  • Updating your website regularly with
    relevant content.
  • Optimising for one relevant keyword
    per page.
  • Updating your website regularly with
    relevant content.

This isn't a typo, rather emphasis on that you really
need to update your website with relevant content regularly.

Google +1

Google have released to beta testing
in the USA a new feature we will all
likely see soon in our Google Search
Results pages.
This is called the +1 Button, and appears
to be Google adding a layer of social
interactivity to their search engine, and
also to directly compete with the Facebook
Like button.

This will be an important means for people
to search, and rankings in Google will
undoubtedly be heavily influenced by this
development. So stay tuned, and get ready
to encourage your clients to +1 your
website in Google.

Google Shopping

Google is now taking on EBay. Google Shopping
is now available in Australia. You can buy things
from laptops to lawnmowers, coats and scarves
to bar stools.

You can select your price range, category, brand
and even the store you want to buy it from.

So instead of making the trip to Harvey Norman
jump online to Google Shopping.

Bing Searching with Facebook

Bing have joined together web searching
and Facebook. Your search results will be
based around the opinions of your friends.
Not too good if you don't like someone you
have liked. Bing will have a generic like
button for each website that comes up in a
search that this update will be based around.

Social media is becoming such a powerful
tool that every business should be apart of.


How would you like Google to come to your business?

Now you have the oppourtunity. Google has officially launched a service that has been running since last year, Google Business Photos.  This gives businesses a great opportunity to expand their Google Places page.Google sends a local sponsored photographer to come to your place of business and take a series of photos that covers the 360 degrees of your businesses interior. These photos will display on your businesses place page using Street View

You will still be able to add you own photos to your page as normal, however, Google have said that having these photos will enhance your business listing, so I can only guess their photos will have some weight with search rankings.

Because Google are taking the photos they own them, however if you want some removed you contact Google and they will remove them for you.

Currently Google are looking for businesses in:

  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Darwin
However Google have said that if you aren't listed contact them as they are always open for suggestions on their services.Google stated, "The types of businesses we're currently interested in include restaurants, hotels, retail shops, gyms, salons, repair shops and a variety of other storefront businesses. We're currently not photographing legal, medical, or big brand chain establishments".

So if you want to take advantage of this free service from Google you can apply here, or find out more information here.

Stephen Hamilton is a Search Engine Marketing Consultant at SiteZero.



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