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Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:33:57 PM EST by Richard Norris

The home page of your business website is most likely visited the most out of all the pages on your website.

For this reason, it is important that the home page has had thought put into the content so as to deliver the best possible result.

A lot of website owners jam their home page full of information so that the multitudes can read their wonderful content.

This action is detrimental to your website success.

Having a lot of information about various subjects on your home page often makes your visitors feel lost and confused. This can be avoided by identifying and following the page purpose of the home page.

The purpose of the home page is, quite simply, to sell.

The way you go about selling on the homepage is the trick.  Instead of flashing banners and heavily discounted prices, simply outline the features of your product and business and the benefits that your product and business bring to a customer.

Ask yourself the question, why would someone come to me instead of my competition.

In answering that question, there are a couple of rules.

Rule 1: The answer can’t be price.

Rule 2: The answer can’t be service.

Any business can lower their prices and any business can provide good customer service.  What do you do as a business, which no other business does?

It may be what you offer as part of your service.  For instance, SiteZero offers three packages around our product LaunchPad.  A great way, we felt, to convey the various features of LaunchPad, was to create a comparison graphic.


At a glance you can see the features that are available with the various LaunchPad products.

Another way to convey this is via video.

As long as the content is leaning toward features and benefits the quality of the video doesn’t need to be television quality, but it can be something shot from a smart phone with HD capabilities.  Just be sure to edit out any bloopers.

Whichever method you choose, you also need to have supporting text on the home page so that you can get indexed and ranked by Google and the other search engines.

Hopefully these tips have triggered some ideas.  But before you go ahead here are some things that we find are best not to have on your home page:

  1. Opening Hours – if people want opening hours they will go to your contact us page or even give you a call.
  2. Irrelevant Content – keep one focus on your home page.
  3. Sales Pitches – This is your home page, not a sales letter or presentation. Think of your home page as being more about brand awareness and selling your brand rather than making money.
  4. Personal References – Take out any names that may be within your content. Yes it is personalised, but your name isn’t the business.  Remember we are marketing the business brand not your personal brand.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear them. Please lave a comment below or fill in this form.

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Richard loves technology and is the Ecommerce evangelist at SiteZero.
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Richard Started his first Business in 1985 and entered the online world in 1998.
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