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Having multiple people in our office means we have differing opinions on what a good website should both look like, and what it should be able to do. So to share those differing opinions with you, here are some of our staff’s favourite websites.

Michelle our Accounts Genius

I don’t have a favourite, I’m not often surfing the net.  I’ll say baldicommercial.com.au!

Rachel our Expert Support Manager

My Favourite website is: http://www.facebook.com/

The reason for this is its user friendly and I get to know what’s happening in the lives of my family and friends overseas in a matter of seconds.

You are probably thinking well you could do that with Google +1 and twitter and so forth. That is true however Facebook has marketed its website so well that most people I want to connect with are already on Facebook. Whilst the others, although they have the same features, have not hit the target market that I belong too as much as Facebook has.

It would be naïve of me to ignore all the things I don’t like about Facebook. It is constantly making changes. Then again, although at first these changes are uncomfortable, in time, I become accustomed to the change and see why it would have been a positive change.

It is also my favourite website because it has found a way of incorporating everything in the one system for example, phonebook, IM, emails, not forgetting the ability for one to upload their pictures and speak their mind.

Scott our Professional Designer

So far just one of my favourite websites out there is:


The design of the website can basically speak for itself. This site has a great use of design hierarchy. Although what seems as this site may be rather busy… it makes up for it by the overall design’s ability to direct a visitor around the website. It is a fun, quirky website which uses all elements of design in a very successful way. It’s hard to come across a website these days which takes into appreciation the 5 elements, (Colour, Hierarchy, Balance, Tone and Contrast).

The designer really found a way to just show off their skills, this to me is something to look at in an inspirational sense. Plus, I’m a sucker when it comes to vector illustration.

Stephen our SEO & PPC Guru

I have two I’d like to submit:

  1. www.google.com/analytics - Lots of fantastic business intelligence is available here for commercial websites. If you want to know how many people use your site, how they use your site, and how much they use your site, Google Analytics can help.
  2. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ - Seth Godin is one of the most respected writers on marketing today. Ever practical, occasionally controversial, always thought-provoking, Seth blog has daily snippets of rich insight that can help how we conduct business.

Josh our Marketing Whizz

Picking a favourite website is like choosing a favourite song or movie; you have no idea where to start. Do you pick rock or a power ballad? Do you pick a comedy or drama? Do I pick a website with a fantastic design or one with great functionality?

At the end of the day my favourite website is one that serves its purpose well.

One of my favourite pages is Nike's company overview page. It serves its purpose well; to tell Nike’s story.

We would love to hear your opinion. Please leave a comment of your favourite website.



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