My Haircut Taught Me How to Have a Successful Website.

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:07:42 PM EST by Richard Norris

A good hairdresser can be hard to find. You want one that gives you the haircut that you asked for ultimately, but one that you feel comfortable with as well.

Many of my friends have told me their horror visits to the hairdresser. A friend of mine wanted a simple shave all over and ended up with severe razor burn on the back of his neck. Our developer Sean told the hairdresser what style he wanted and specifically said, "I don't want a mullet". But even though the hairdresser heard Sean say this, he ended up looking like an AFL player from the 80's.

For some people (me especially) a haircut defines them as a person. It expresses their character. To maintain that hair style it may require a visit to the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks or, for those who have hair that grows like grass, it's every 4 weeks.

On top of this you have washing your hair and styling it with product. This maintanence can be a daily task. Even those of you who are challenged in this area you still need to take care of that scalp.

If you don't take care of your locks you will end up with damaged hair that looks terrible and you won't be doing your image any favours. This is the same when you neglect your website.

Poorly maintained websites end up looking out of date and your rankings on Google will drop. Especially with the new Panda update Google have launched. This just means that rankings are going depend on how regular you are making changes and updating your site.

Not that it wasn't important before, but regularly updating your website is vital in building and mainting a successful business website.

Take care of your website like you take care of your hair (or scalp) with daily maintenance to keep it healthy.

Contact SiteZero today for tips to keep your website healthy.
Richard NorrisAbout the Author : Richard Norris.

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Richard Started his first Business in 1985 and entered the online world in 1998.
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