More Effective Ways To Market Your Website Offline

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:15:06 PM EST by Richard Norris

5 More Ways to Effectively Market Your Website Offline.


Continuing off from the 'Effective Ways to Market Your Website Offline' post a couple of weeks ago i decided i had better fulfil my promise and give you the remaining 5 effective ways to market your website offline.

6. Packaging.

My Dad just bought a new set of computer speakers and underneath the box where the copyright information is, their website address is there also. There are a number of printers who can do this type of printing, altenitively get stickers made up and put them on the box. Just make sure they are straight.

7. Invoices.

Having your website on your invoices is a great way to provide convenience for your clients. If they are looking at their invoice and have questions where do they go? Because your URL is there, they can easily go to your website fill out a contact or query form and have their issue resolved. It is also beneficial to only have the website on the invoice thus limiting the amount of phone calls you receive.

8. Newsletters.

If you mail out weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters it's a great opportunity to market your website or, to let your customers know if you have just finnished a redevelopment or updated something on you website. "Be sure to check out all the benefits of becoming a member online at", sounds really appealing. If you also tie in a "subscribe to our e-news" button you will limit the amount of printed newsletters you have to do. So you can spend more money at your printer on event invitations

9. Event Invitations.

Every year most businesses have a Christmas party, so why not this year invite your customers as well. Obviously drop the bar tab, but make it a relaxed business function to develop a stronger relationship with your customers. This is where you can market your website. Instead of RSVP by mail or phone number, those attending need to go to your website and use a form register for the event.

10. Ads.

Even though Yellow Pages isn't the most effective way to generate customers, if you do have an ad be sure to put your website in there somewhere. Though you are using a dying form of advertising, be sure to let the people looking at your ad know that you are slowly catching up with the times.

You need all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make the picture. Just as you need to use all the techniques to generate a website that is generating your business money.

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