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Posted: Friday, June 20, 2014 at 1:18:38 PM EST by Richard Norris


Businesses that have a clear understanding of their target market have much more success in their marketing adventures than those businesses that don’t.

Without a known target market your business is wasting valuable resources.

I remember a science experiment I did way back in grade 7.  It was balloon rocket racing.  We blew up balloons with air, taped a straw to the balloon and threaded a string, that was attached to the wall on the other side of the classroom, through the straw.  Another team did the same on another piece of string, so on the count of three we let go of our balloons to see who would win.

Most of the teams joined two or three baloons and some even joined together four balloons in the hope of victory.  The more balloons the faster it will go.  This logic of 12 year olds is carried out by many business owners in their forties and fifties.  My team however, went for a simple method of just one balloon, and to our surprise we won.

The principle behind a successful balloon rocket is the same principal of successful marketing:  focused energy.

There was logic is having more than one balloon powering the rocket, but often logic and facts are different.  This is one of those instances.  The problem with having more than one balloon is that the air coming out is going in different directions; one balloon is going left, while the other is going to the right, thus conflicting with each other.

Not marketing to an identified target market is like having a multi-balloon powered rocket.  Your forces are conflicting with each other.

You need to take a more focused approach.

Marketing to an identified target market is like having a single-balloon powered rocket.  Because of its focused energy it wins, every time.  A focused marketing campaign will yield far better results than by just casting a net out and seeing what you catch.

Here are three quick questions we were asked to help us start to identify our target market.

Where are they located?

Get as specific as possible.  I have known some companies to target right down to a specific street. Not everyone has those capabilities, but see if you can break it down to a suburb or city area.

How long have they been in business?

Some businesses avoid start-ups whilst others specialise in new business ventures.

Can they use your product?

There are some businesses that SiteZero don't work with because the functionality of our software doesn’t meet their requirements. What kinds of business don’t suit your product functionality, or particular service?

The answers to these questions can also be used to focus the energy of your website to ensure your a race winner.  

To find out how to improve your online marketing , talk to one of our experts,  contact SiteZero today.

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