How to Qualify Your Clients

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:18:25 PM EST by Richard Norris

Qualifying your clients saves you both time and money.

Qualifying customers is great. There should always be a set of guide lines in the process for weeding out what is not a good fit for your business. More often than not, as business owners and sales people, there is a reasonable, if not articulate idea of what a good customer looks like.

The business is stable, there is an upward spiral of growth, and the owner/contact has a high understanding and appreciation of the value that is provided to them. If your prospects are not reaching your expectations of what a good customer is, then maybe some questions need to be asked.

What standards do you keep? Based on the products and services that you provide what sort of customers are you attracting?

First things first, if you haven't already, as a team document what determines your standards within your organisation. How are your products and services controlled to ensure consistency? If you were your own client what would your expectations be, and do you meet those expectations?

I can only speak from experience that once you have defined what you are good and bad at, it is invariably easier to attract customers that are a good fit. It is also easier to reduce the number of customers that are not.

Many who know me, know that for a very long time my mantra was "the answer is always yes". I still believe in that, only now if there is a bad fit the answer is, "Yes, I will assist in finding you another solution". Time and time again it is proven to me that if we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity even when the answer is no, there is always a greater result.

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