How to do a SiteZero Business Mail Performance Improvement

Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 2:25:37 PM EST by Rachel Muzhari

What is a Performance Improvement?

This is a process in which the software used with SiteZero business Mail is updated to improve performance.

Who needs to do a Performance Improvement?

If you are a SiteZero Business Mail client and you use Microsoft outlook to sync your mailbox, you would need to do the performance improvement just like you need to update any apps on your smart phone.

 What is involved with doing a Performance Improvement?

The good news is this is all done in the background and once the background processes are complete, you will receive a prompt as shown below. If you are not using Microsoft Outlook no action is required.


When this prompt appears, click “Yes”.

It’s that simple.

This process will have to be repeated on each computer that has SiteZero Business mail installed.

There will be minimal disruption through this process and always please contact support on 1300 9376 10 or email if you have any issues.



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