How To Communicate Your Message Through Using Graphics

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:35:32 PM EST by Richard Norris

Developing a message through the use of graphics can be a highly effective way to successfully communicate what you want your target audiences to understand.

This method of communicating has become so successful that it has made its own industries and professions; today we call this graphic design.

Visually, humans can respond emotionally and judge a specific message through many factors such as the use of colours, letters and even the words themselves. However in order to get the attention for your message, good graphic design must be used.

It is a primary instinct of ours on how well we respond to the use of visuals. Can you remember your pre-school days?

One of the easiest forms of getting us to understand a subject matter, or to learn a lesson, was through the use of visual aids. The same principles apply when it comes to communicating a sales message. Your message has to be clear, but if you are assisted with graphical aids, you pretty much double your chances to the accomplishment of your goal.

Although the process of assigning graphics to your message may seem simple in itself, we simply must understand the psychology of how are brain reacts to certain visuals. If we look at the basics, colours have a big importance when you wish to draw an emotion from a target audience.

See down below at the colour chart to understand how colours can draw an emotion. 




Power, Alert, Strength, Masculinity.


Intellect, Calm, Trust.


Happiness, Confidence, Optimism.


Nature, Balance, Refreshment, Positivity.


Spiritual, Femininity, Authenticity.


Vibrance, Warmth, Passion.


Femininity, Nurture, Playful


Glamour, Sleekness, Maturity.

The way these colours are often used is judged on the certain target audience you are directing your message to.

For example, if I were to try and advertise a top of the line smart phone I would keep my colours fairly monochromatic with a highlight colour use of either Blue or Green; as these 2 colours promote trust and a sense of calmness.

We would use these colours as the general target audience for smart phones is early 20’s to early 40’s. The use of monochromatic colours also promotes a feel of professionalism and maturity.

With the addition of visual aids, you double your chances of achieving your goal.

Whether you use product images, before and after shots or even vector artwork, you are simply providing an extra insight and more trust into the message you are trying to communicate.

In a modern marketing world, companies may use a company mascot/identity to find a relation point for their target audience. If you have a happy vibrant character talking to an actual audience as oppose to just a slideshow flashing words your chance of conversion would be much higher as you are more appealing to your target audience.

It is vitally important to provide a professional and reliable projection of your company values.

Having a face to your product often provides such trust. Some good examples would be Ronald McDonald (McDonalds), The Paddle Pop Lion and the infamous Polar Bear from Bundaberg Rum. These are all characters with one purpose, to gain attention and to provide trust.

ronald-mcdonald bundaberg_rum_bear paddlepoplion

You’ll see that with most modern websites, a trend with such characters is becoming more and more popular.

It is often the case Vector Art is used, as it is highly versatile to produce a character that can communicate any kind of message with multiple expressions. Not only does it add a friendly face or voice to a product/message, but also it can add a personal and fun outlook to a company, which audiences simply love.

Overall, if you are after assistance or help in communicating a few of your own sales messages, try considering the idea of having graphical aids do the talking.

Having a well-designed presence not only adds credibility to your messages, but you will also find you can gain the most important attribute from a target audience, their trust. 

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