Get Great Results With Google Places – Part 2

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 1:59:38 PM EST by Richard Norris

In the first part of this post I touched on how to set up the basic information for your Google Places Listing.

The idea of this post is to walk you through the remaining fields to complete you listing. The fields that were left are:

  • Service Areas and Location Settings
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Additional Details

The goal is that at the end of this post you will have a 100% completion bar. This means that you have given your listing the best chance of getting great results with Google Places .Let’s tackle the Service Areas and Location Settings (as seen below).


This is based on where your customers go to receive the services your business offers. If customers come to you e.g. shop front or office, you would leave the selection at “No, all the customers come to the business location” (make sure the business address is correct). That is all you need to do for this selection.

However, if you go to your clients at their location, for instance mobile car washing, you need to select “Yes, this business serves customer’s at their locations”. Once you make this selection the screen will expand as shown below.


You have the ability to select whether or not you want your business address to be shown, it’s up to you. If you don’t want your business address shown, make sure you tick the box “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing”. However we recommend that your display your business address.

Once you have decided if you want your address shown, you can move to the important part of choosing your service areas. You will see a map of your business address, as seen below, that when you select an area it will be highlighted so you can clearly see that area you have selected.


So if you service an area 30kms in diameter from your business location enter your business address in and type 30kms. Once you have done this click “Update Preview”. It should look something like this.


Alternatively you can list the areas you want to service. For instance if you were based in Archerfield and you only wanted to service Carindale, Darra, Forrest Lake and Algester, you simply enter in those suburbs one at a time and then click the add button. Then the map will look like the one below.


Whichever Service Area method you choose it doesn’t matter, as long as you choose one.

We are now finished with your Services Area. So we can move on to Photos and Videos. It is important that you have photos on your listing as it gives your potential clients a recognition point to your business. Whether it is a logo or a key product you need to present your viewing audience with something visual to remember your business. To upload a photo simply click the browse button, find the file you want and then click upload.

Note that you can only upload 10 photos and 5 videos.

Not a lot of businesses have a video done, which is why your listing will be more successful with a video. Go the extra mile with a video on your listing so that you have the best chance of getting great results with Google Places.

It is a little bit tricker to upload a video. If you have a video I suggest you upload it to YouTube and then enter the URL in to the video field on your Places editing page. Alternatively, contact SiteZero and we can assist you.

The last thing to do to get a 100% completion is the additional details. This gives you a great oppourtunity to tell your clients what you do. Get a bit creative. If you sell CNC Machining Equipment, type CNC Machining Equipment: Yes. If you don’t sell pink fluffy dice type Pink Fluffy Dice: No.

This completes this series of posts on Google Places. But if you have any questions about anything you have read please contact me and I will be happy to help you in getting great results with Google Places. 

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