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Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:31:31 PM EST by Richard Norris


Leave your customers wanting more.

Over the past couple of weeks we have looked at how to identify your target audience and how to create a customer profile. We have come to our final stage, which is taking what we now know and writing for our target audience.

The fact that you have read at least one of these three posts puts you in front of most businesses around the country.

Writing for your ideal audience can be quite difficult for those who don’t know what they are doing. Some overdo it, but most don’t target their content specifically enough to suit the characteristics of their ideal customer.

The worst thing you could possible do, content wise, is to be intrusive. Having flashing red buttons saying “We are number 1” is an old fashioned approach and will cause damage to your websites performance rather than improve them.

Your visitors don’t care about you.

They only care about what they want and their needs. That’s why they are coming to you, you have something they want or need.

Therefore, your content has to reflect your ideal customer’s wants and needs.

Have you ever met anyone that only has one need and one want; everyone has many wants and needs.

You probably have a list somewhere of the things you are trying to obtain this year; everyone has goals of some sort. What you would have achieved from reading the previous blogs is some ideas of your customers’ goals.

For instance, if you are the owner of a flower shop, you may have identified that males between the ages of 25 and 35 are your ideal customers. The reason for this is because they all have wives, and the last time a woman bought me flowers was my Mum for Valentine’s day when I was in grade 7.

So what would males aged between 25 and 35 want or need. Most of us enjoy sport. So run a tipping competition from your website around the NRL. You may not enjoy it but your customers will. So much so that whenever they’re in trouble with the wife you are the first person they call; because you accommodated another want outside of your business.

Another example would be if you owned a small automotive repairs business. You may have identified that your ideal customer is a female aged between 30 and 40 because their husband is at work all the time they have to go and get the cars serviced.

A way that you could write attractive content is to start up a blog and write about various day spas and therapy places. Because you ideal customer is probably home with the kids they would appreciate some “alone time”, this is a want. You having the blog there catering for that want. You will always have that customer coming back because you have addresses a want outside of your business.

Both of these scenarios, florist and mechanic, also provides a fantastic oppourtunity to encourage repeat business. The florist may run a promotion that for every $200 you spend you get two free tickets to the next home game. For a $50 you have sold $200 worth of product. Men would come in before every home game. They get in the good books with the wife and also get free tickets to the game.

The mechanic may run a promotion slightly different. The promotion might be that if you get two cars serviced with us within 6 months, we will give you a $50 massage voucher at a local day spa. She gets good with the busy husband and gets time to herself.

I have found that there are massive benefits to writing to suit the needs and wants of your ideal customer, it encourages customer loyalty and also encourages your current customers to refer to their friends which can only mean more business for you!

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