Why First Impressions Are So Important

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:19:36 PM EST by Richard Norris

First impressions reflect your professionalism.

Last week I spent four days at my son’s school mentoring a group of grade 11 boys. The basic premise of the week is to expose the boys to running their own business, in a fun environment. The business faculty divides the entire cohort into 20 groups of about 10 boys each.

So I had to mentor 10 sixteen year old boys. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Their task for the week was to run a computer simulation for four days, inputting 10 quarters of financial data, develop a TV commercial, present an oral report to shareholders based on the results of their simulation, develop a new product to take to market and on the final day produce a trade display to showcase that newly designed product.

Each segment attracted points and the 20 teams were pitted against each other to see who would win. You could imagine the fierce competition between the boys; it was grand final day meets Wall Street.

They elected a CEO from the group, broke the group up into the various segments based on their tasks and with the guidance of their mentors began their four day journey.

It struck me, as I moved about the school for four days, that these sixteen year old boys were going to great lengths in order to create a good first impression.

In almost every aspect of their presentation, they were trying to impress.

Firstly, almost without exception, each boy turned up on Monday in business attire, some in a full suite; not the normal thing you would expect from a sixteen year old boy.

As we moved through the four days you could see that the majority of boys had really taken to the task. Teams were diligently inputting their financial data into the simulation programme, creatively preparing their TV commercial, writing their oral report to shareholders and preparing their trade show presentations, for their newly created product.

But it was one group’s trade show presentation that really struck me.

These boys really worked well together, it was a great mix of natural leadership, hard work and creativity that culminated in them coming second overall.

Their trade show was a classic case of pure professionalism.

The clincher for me was this particular group of boys managing their trade show with great professionalism. They were handing out well designed brochures with a working QR code that linked to an online version of their brochure. To add to their professionalism, the boys had no hesitation in given that QR codes are a relatively new technology, explaining to judges and guests alike how this new technology worked and what it was all about.

First impressions are so important because they portray your professionalism. Whether you’re at a networking event or giving a seminar, you only have a short amount of time to convey how professional you are. Give your professionalism the best foundation possible. Ensure you give a fantastic first impression.

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