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Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:51:50 AM EST by Joshua Tregenza


Without people reading your blog all your preparation, profiling and scheduling has been a waste.

You need readers. It is the most obvious thing for blogs to have but also the most common reason that blog’s fail. 

‘Buzz’ is not like interest but more like hype. ‘Buzz’ gives you blog momentum. It builds anticipation. Start generating buzz even before your first blog goes live. Every contact you make that leads to a conversation about what you do mention that you have a blog coming out on this date, then mention it again in that conversation. Don’t go overboard by mentioning your blog every time you open your mouth but enough that those people in that conversation know you have a blog coming out on this date.

Your website is a great tool for advertising what is going on in your business. Build a button that says ‘Blog Coming Soon’ in contrasting colours to your website (please seek a web designers advice in selecting colours). There are two more resources that you can use to generate buzz

Email Marketing

This is a great way to mass communicate with your database. You can organise your database into different groups and market to those different groups. This helps you generate buzz by sending an email campaign surrounding your blog. For instance, you can send out an email outlining what subjects your blog is going to cover; because you have planned for it.

There are some great tools for email marketing available not least of which is the platform that you are readingthis on . SiteZero LaunchPad has a simple but effective email marketing module that you can run an email marketing campaign through. As far as the content for that email goes simplicity can do the job just fine. Something as simple as,

“Our business has a blog coming soon that will discuss these subjects. Register you interest today.”

This generates enough buzz and it gives a call to action for your readers to follow. Like anything written, be sure to get your emails proof read. Obviously don’t have all emails to your clients proof read, but just those that go to more than five people.

Whether you are using social media or email marketing be sure to monitor your activity and follow up any enquiries promptly. You can listen but if you don’t respond you have lost credibility with your readers. Your actions don’t just affect the person who commented, but everyone who reads that comment.

The second resource will be discussed shortly so be sure to stay tuned.

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Richard Norris



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