Blogging: Be Prepared

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:37:25 PM EST by Richard Norris

Be Prepared

Before your fingers even touch the keyboard, you need to identify some important things about your blog. Purpose and planning are the foundation of your blog. They provide your blog with character and direction. If there is no direction to your blog you won’t bring results.

  1. What is the purpose of your blog?

Why are you starting a blog? Define if you are looking to generate leads or create brand awareness. Defining what your blog looks like is the looking at the end product. And we need to define the end to know where we are to start.

What results do you want? Wanting people to buy products, demands a different style of writing to that as if you ware wanting people to sign up to your newsletter or subscribe to this blog. To get people to buy a product your blogs will have to focus on those particular products you want to sell and the benefits they will bring to your readers. However, to get people to subscribe to your blog or newsletter you would need to show that you are a valuable source of information in your field; not to mention to get those people interested in your industry.

How are you going to structure your blog? What is it going to look like? Not all blogs have images. Is yours? Are you going to have video? An important question to answer is whether or not you are going to allow comments automatically or are you going to have to monitor them. Both are just as beneficial as the other.

If you are looking for people to buy because of your blog I would allow comments but set-up email notifications every time some does leave a comment. Yet, if you want someone to subscribe to a newsletter or blog they may be leaving a lot more comments that may not be appropriate on your website. Thus having them monitored would be a better course of action. Again, these are guides and it depends on your readers interact with your blog.

Defining the purpose of your blog actually helps you write. If it doesn’t fit with your purpose, you don’t write it. This purpose will come out in your writing and your readers will catch a hold and they will be more informed of what your business is.

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Comment by: Kim Smith
May 4, 2012 at 5:23 PM
This blog taught me that i can go off topic a little but not a lot and this indicate what bloging is about,also how it was saying each time when you blog about something then more poeple will be able to connect with what you are saying.
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