A Guide To E-mail Marketing

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:17:10 PM EST by Richard Norris

If your business doesn't have a e-mail marketing strategy you could be losing business.

In this technological age humanity wants things done faster and more conveniently. Business owners need to both understand and accept this as fact, because you want things faster as well.

An effective e-mail marketing strategy can be used in conjuction with any database through the LaunchPad Content Management System. Whether it be MYOB, Outlook etc. you can easily download your database and send those contacts your e-mail marketing campaigns.

E-mail marketing campaigns make up your e-mail marketing strategy. Those campaigns are centred around one subject, product or service and can encorporate multiple e-mails. One of our clients is doing a Guide To Buying a Caravan as a campaign, this is made up of ten e-mails.

When you send a campaign is dependant on your business activity. If your have a Christmas sale coming up you may send out a campaign 6-8 weeks before Christmas. Similarly if you are about to launch a new product a campaign about that particular product can increase awareness and generate 'buzz' about that product.

Newsletters are another form of e-mail marketing and the general rule is either a monthly newsletter or a quarterly newsletter is best suited. Yes consitency is key, however, if your are blogging on a weekly basis, having a newsletter being sent to your customers as well may generate a feeling of bombarbment and worse case harassment.

SiteZero has created their own Website Managment System called LaunchPad. One of the many abilities of LaunchPad is the management and broadcasting of e-mail campaigns. With the click of a button you can upload your entire database ready to send your campaign. The page editor is similar to that of Microsoft Word and Excel so creating your campaign is almost second nature. Start the broadcast wizard and away you go, you can even schedule when you want e-mails to be sent.

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