LaunchPad version 4.5 Release Notes

Posted: Friday, May 20, 2011 at 2:12:35 PM EST by Sean Bernard

LaunchPad version 4.5 Release Notes

This is a minor release with a substantial amount of fixes, new features and usability improvements.

File Management

The File Manager has been updated to allow easier organisation of different types of files.
There are now three sections;

  • Image Manager – All images, groups and galleries are now managed in this separate section.
  • Video Manager – This is a new feature that will allow you to manage all videos, groups and galleries.
  • File Manager – The name File Manager has been attributed to this section which will manage all general files that cannot be used in either the Image Manager or Video Manager.

Video Manager

Using the Video Manager, you will now be able to upload videos to your website in almost any format and it will convert your video into the format that is required and allow you to use this video anywhere on your site, or in a gallery of videos.
One very important thing to note about this new feature is that all of the videos that are converted and displayed on your site will be accessible on almost any device! This means iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones, all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc…) will be able to play your videos with ease.

Video Sitemaps

Videos sitemaps are included with this release to allow search engines like Google to index the videos that are on your website.


With the release of our blogging features last year, we received some feedback from our clients with suggestions and requests. As part of the version 4.5 release we have included a number of advancements to the blogging features.

  • The information column can now be hidden for a blog to allow the content to be displayed using the full width of the site.
  • Automatic notification of comments made to your blog posts are now fully functional and now allows you to automatically approve comments or leave them to be moderated before being displayed with blog post.
  • You will notice when viewing your blog now that there is a button that says “Subscribe to RSS Feed” with a small orange icon. This means that now visitors to your blog can subscribe to an RSS feed using their favourite RSS reader.
  • You can now save drafts of your blog posts without having them display live on your blog.

Insert/Edit Image

When inserting or editing an image using to a page, blog post, product or category you can again see a preview of all images that are available. Some of you will remember that this feature had to be disabled for some time due to a stability issue. Since making the major infrastructure upgrades that we have completed over the past 8 months we can now re-enable this feature with some very important performance improvements. The first time you load the insert/edit image window it may appear slow, but the next time will be much faster. (This is because all images currently in the library need a special thumbnail to be automatically generated for faster reference by LaunchPad – All new images that are uploaded will automatically create this thumbnail at the point of upload).

eCommerce Location Restrictions

This new feature allows you to specify a single country that you will be accepting orders from. If disable you will be able to accept orders from ANY country.


The robots.txt file can be edited directly from your website’s administration.


Due to the announcement by JAZReturns that their product will no longer be available, the integration settings within LaunchPad have subsequently been removed.

NAB Transact

The NAB Transact payment gateway has now been integrated with LaunchPad to allow real-time payments to be accepted through the service provided by NAB.

If you have any questions about the releases and how it affects your website please leave a comment below or contact us here.



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