3 Things You Need to Optimise to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Posted: Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:16:19 PM EST by Richard Norris

We all want to rank high with the search engines, but how do we make a websites rank high in the search engines.


If you are looking for a life partner you are after someone with desirable characteristics. Google is looking for desirable characteristics in your website. So over the next few posts you will be informed on what characteristics your site needs to have in different areas.

Firstly, the most important, content. Content is what your visitors see and what the search engines mainly rank you on. In other words it's important.

Three things make up your website content:
1.    Text or Copy
2.    Images
3.    Videos

There are so many aspects in getting your website found by the search engines. Getting your content right is the best place to start.

1. Copy

Copy is all the text and wording that makes up each one of your pages on your site. It is important that each page has its own individual purpose.
For example, if you have a page describing your 2 hour spray tan kit, it wouldn’t be ideal to have information about your 8 hour spray tan kit on that page.
The reason for separating these two products is you can now optimise for two keywords instead of one. For instance, the keyword on your 8 hours spray tan kit page will most likely be "8 hour spray tan kit" or "eight hour spray tan". Whilst the keyword for you 2 hour spray tan kit page will be “2 hour spray tan kit’ or "two hour spray tan kit".

If you don’t separate these two products you aren't  giving your site the ability to rank as well as possible. This can influence your traffic to your site, we all know what that means.

2. Images

Images are an essential part to any successful website.

Images enable your visitors to have a visual connection with your business. Without images your visitors have no point of recognition to your business. Because images are so important care needs to be taken in how they are displayed and optimised.
Your images do need to be of good quality. They don't have to be done by a proffesional photographer but if you invest in a good digital camera and you will get a images that are perfect for your website.

There are alternative ways to get good quality images for instance iStock, but remember that iStock is a store so any one of your competitors could have the same image. It is safer and more beneficial to take your own photos.
Giving your images relevant names is essential to Google when they index your site. Because of this naming your images gives your site the ability to attract more visitors.

If you don’t have a video somewhere on your site, you need to get one. The search engines love websites with videos, because videos are so beneficial for their customers. The customer of a search engine is anyone who performs a search. These are the people you need to be optimising your site for.

3. Videos

Videos are so beneficial because they are so interactive. If you ask almost any high school student if they would rather read Hamlet or watch the movie, chances are they would rather watch the movie, I know I would. Videos are far more convenient than copy all you do is click play and the watch for a couple of minutes, instead of spending 10 minutes reading a page of copy.

Are videos even more important than copy? No, copy is still as much of an important part of your website as video. But there are instance where you should use the advantages of video of copy.

For instance, product manufacturing is a great way to let your visitors take a closer look at your business. This would take hundreds of words, if not thousands, to describe using copy. Not to mention utterly boring. Similarly with videos as with images it is important to give them a relevant name and create them with decent quality, doesn’t have to be professional but you still want to be able to see what’s going on.

Content really is king, but there are other aspects of your site that are worth paying attention to so that your site has the best opportunity to generate more traffic.

Keep an eye out for our next post so you can rank high for the search engines.

At SiteZero we value feedback. Please any comments you have and we will use that feedback to better the service we provide you.

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Richard Started his first Business in 1985 and entered the online world in 1998.
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