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The changing world in which we live

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:45:40 AM EST by Joshua Tregenza

As much as we would sometimes like it to, the world is not standing still.

Change is all around us.

 Constant, unrelenting, continuous change...

There are no two better examples of looking at change than looking at how the internet changed our world and Looking at how the birth of my First son changed my life.

At the time of writing this , my son Liam is nearly 19 years old, a 1995 baby. 

That same year that the internet exploded into the commercial world. 

That year my “little bundle of joy” exploded into our  happy orderly life . 

An event that forever changed my life for the better.

The other event forever changed the entire world’s life for the better.

This convergence of two life changing events is not lost on me. 

From a small spluttering start to a now 18 year old  6’2” behemoth “my little boy” is now a strong strapping teenager ready to unleash himself onto the world.
 Not unlike the small spluttering start the internet had on our lives a short 18 years ago, it also is now a strong strapping teenager  unleashing  its power onto the world.

As I could not have imagined all the glorious things that “my boy” could now do 18 years ago I also could not have imagined all the glorious things that can now be accomplished on the internet.

And in both cases the change has been dramatic, unrelenting and continuous.

And as in both these cases my adjustment to this change has had to be enormous.

Just think of the things that you can do now that 18 years ago seems like only a dream. 

The world has changed so much in 18 years it is almost hard to image how we survived that short time ago.

This change has been all pervasive across all areas of our life. It has changed the way we work, the way we live and the way we play. 

It has even changed the way that some people interact with the opposite that’s change.

Google, Facebook, MSN, websites, Pintrest, Yahoo, are all words that either did not exist or were barely known 18 years ago.

The internet is to our life today what the industrial revolution was to society in the nineteenth century and what the printing press was to mankind in 1440 AD. 
Those changes changed the way mankind lived worked and played in a most substantive way. 

So too, will the internet and technology continue to change our lives. 

In some cases in way we have not yet imagined.

 In some ways good and in some ways bad.

I suspect that this change will continue into the foreseeable future and beyond as new and innovative technologies are invented and worked into our everyday lives. 

Unrelenting change! 
Continuous change! 
Constant change!

And change we must. For those of us that do not change, will, inevitably, be left in the wake of that same change they failed to embrace.

I subscribe to the theory that we must all embrace change. Not for change sake. But for when that change will demonstrably benefit our lives and the lives of those around us.

We only need look back 100 years or so and look at the changes our parents and grandparents saw in their lifetime. 

The automobile, air travel, electricity, penicillin, to name just a few of the incredible changes that arguably made our lives better.

So, as I look to my 18 year old son, as he stands on the precipice of his adult life I wonder what changes he may see during his lifetime , and there will be many. Many more I suspect than I have seen so far. 

And I wonder how those changes might affect his life and those around him and i know the one enduring message that I must teach him.........” Embrace change.”

Richard Norris
SiteZero Internet.

Richard NorrisAbout the Author : Richard Norris.

Richard  is the CEO of SiteZero , an Australian based Digital Marketing Services organization.
Richard loves technology and is the Ecommerce evangelist at SiteZero.
You can connect with Richard on Google + , Linkedin  or at the SiteZero Facebook Page

Richard Started his first Business in 1985 and entered the online world in 1998.
He’s a bit like “The old man and the sea” of digital Marketing
Richard Norris  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Google Plus

Kerio Connect

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:47:40 AM EST by Joshua Tregenza

Imagine being able to take your business with you wherever you went in the world.

Well now you can.

With SiteZero’s communication cloud, with the muscle of Kerio connect powering it you can now take your business with you anywhere.

You can share and sync email, contact, calendar and tasks across different devices and across different platforms. No longer are you tied to expensive Microsoft exchange or Gmail.

Now you have the freedom to choose what devise and what platform suites you best.

And if you have team members that are fanatical Apple users that need to connect with equally fanatical android users, no problem, SiteZero’s communication cloud has got you covered.

Increase Productivity    

A couple of years ago I took my family on a month long odyssey across the west coast of America.

And during that whole month I mainly ran my company from my trusty iPhone.

It didn’t matter that I was standing in the line at Disneyland waiting to get onto a ride with the kids. If I had a few spare minutes, I would whip out the iPhone, check a few emails, file away a few others, maybe answer an important one. All in just a few minutes while standing in line for some ride that was going to scare the pants off me and my kids scream and smile all at the same time ….

Improve your business productivity with #kerioconnect

Tweet: Improve your business productivity with #kerioconnect

When I got home after our month long odyssey, I didn’t have a thousand emails that I had to deal with. Sure I had a few important ones that I left in my inbox, but the remainder were neatly filed away synchronised with my outlook back in Australia while I was standing in a line at Disneyland or waiting for a coffee at Starbucks ……done and dusted

Take a look at our video on Kerio Connect and the SiteZero Communication cloud 

Richard NorrisAbout the Author : Richard Norris.

Richard  is the CEO of SiteZero , an Australian based Digital Marketing Services organization.
Richard loves technology and is the Ecommerce evangelist at SiteZero.
You can connect with Richard on Google + , Linkedin  or at the SiteZero Facebook Page

Richard Started his first Business in 1985 and entered the online world in 1998.
He’s a bit like “The old man and the sea” of digital Marketing
Richard Norris  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Google Plus

Invoicing That Gets More Than Money - Plus That Too!

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:49:58 AM EST by Joshua Tregenza
donna_stone Donna Stone is the founder of the multi award winning Consulting & Bookkeeping business Stone Consulting which provides solutions  on MYOB, QuickBooks,Xero and Cashflow Manager.  Donna is also the author of Stepping Stones to Business Success – a book of over 200 tips on how to succeed in business, borne of over 25 years experience working with businesses.  
Learn more at or

Many business owners think invoicing is just a means of communicating an amount of money owed. Invoicing done well will do so much more – here’s how: 


Of course an invoice should have the basics – your name, address, ABN, words “tax invoice”, client name, client address or ABN (if invoice is over $1K) and the GST amount listed separately; that’s standard. Ensure all this is included in a neat and clear matter.  Bold or make the amount due larger – so there is no confusion. 


Ensure your invoice is branded the same as your sales and marketing material.  Use the same corporate colours, logos and style. This piece of paper is representing you – what message does it send? 


This might seem basic, but some businesses do not include a contact phone or email, or illogically, only include their sales office number and not the accounts number.  Include an email too.  Maybe you only want to communicate via one way – but in business it is not all about you.    


Use your invoice to educate your clients. As a bookkeeping business, if I can give my clients tips to improve their business, that’s sure to mean a client with more transactions and business strength – which will need more bookkeeping. Selfish? Well none of my clients have complained about me helping them to be successful! 


Use your invoice to market your businessInclude specials or product of the month, advice on your other services, promos or run a generation competition. Know your high margin products or services and give them extra coverage.

Make it easy for people to pay you.

Have your contact details on the invoice, have a full enough description on the invoice, ensure your terms are shown clearly, or better, also have the due payment date in bold. Give clients lots of payment options – direct deposit, where to mail a cheque, BPay or credit card.  Include your BSB and account number for a direct deposit. Streamline any payment method. If clients have to ring to get your bank details, you’ve just added an extra step, which might be the difference between payment today … or not.     

Now you are probably wondering how you can possibly fit all the above onto one piece of paper – I assure you that you can – I do.  If you need any help with customising your invoice or statement templates in your accounting programs, we service MYOB, Quickbooks, Cashflow Manager & Xero. And my final tip – invoice as soon as possible.  Cash flow is critical to every business and the sooner you invoice, the sooner you can be paid, and certainly the sooner you can begin chasing payment.  Leave invoicing to end of month or end of project and don’t be surprised if you have massive cash flow challenges. Happy invoicing!


How to do a SiteZero Business Mail Performance Improvement

Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 2:25:37 PM EST by Rachel Muzhari

What is a Performance Improvement?

This is a process in which the software used with SiteZero business Mail is updated to improve performance.

Who needs to do a Performance Improvement?

If you are a SiteZero Business Mail client and you use Microsoft outlook to sync your mailbox, you would need to do the performance improvement just like you need to update any apps on your smart phone.

 What is involved with doing a Performance Improvement?

The good news is this is all done in the background and once the background processes are complete, you will receive a prompt as shown below. If you are not using Microsoft Outlook no action is required.


When this prompt appears, click “Yes”.

It’s that simple.

This process will have to be repeated on each computer that has SiteZero Business mail installed.

There will be minimal disruption through this process and always please contact support on 1300 9376 10 or email if you have any issues.


Blogging - Generate Buzz

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:51:50 AM EST by Joshua Tregenza


Without people reading your blog all your preparation, profiling and scheduling has been a waste.

You need readers. It is the most obvious thing for blogs to have but also the most common reason that blog’s fail. 

‘Buzz’ is not like interest but more like hype. ‘Buzz’ gives you blog momentum. It builds anticipation. Start generating buzz even before your first blog goes live. Every contact you make that leads to a conversation about what you do mention that you have a blog coming out on this date, then mention it again in that conversation. Don’t go overboard by mentioning your blog every time you open your mouth but enough that those people in that conversation know you have a blog coming out on this date.

Your website is a great tool for advertising what is going on in your business. Build a button that says ‘Blog Coming Soon’ in contrasting colours to your website (please seek a web designers advice in selecting colours). There are two more resources that you can use to generate buzz

Email Marketing

This is a great way to mass communicate with your database. You can organise your database into different groups and market to those different groups. This helps you generate buzz by sending an email campaign surrounding your blog. For instance, you can send out an email outlining what subjects your blog is going to cover; because you have planned for it.

There are some great tools for email marketing available not least of which is the platform that you are readingthis on . SiteZero LaunchPad has a simple but effective email marketing module that you can run an email marketing campaign through. As far as the content for that email goes simplicity can do the job just fine. Something as simple as,

“Our business has a blog coming soon that will discuss these subjects. Register you interest today.”

This generates enough buzz and it gives a call to action for your readers to follow. Like anything written, be sure to get your emails proof read. Obviously don’t have all emails to your clients proof read, but just those that go to more than five people.

Whether you are using social media or email marketing be sure to monitor your activity and follow up any enquiries promptly. You can listen but if you don’t respond you have lost credibility with your readers. Your actions don’t just affect the person who commented, but everyone who reads that comment.

The second resource will be discussed shortly so be sure to stay tuned.

Written By

Richard Norris


Blogging - On Time, All The Time

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:56:48 AM EST by Joshua Tregenza


It is an absolute priority that a blog goes out on the exact same day every single week. With all the updating the search engines are doing for your blogging got be effective it needs to be consistent.

A main key in keeping your blogging consistent is to set a frequency to whcih you will blog.

To set the frequency in which you are going to blog you need to understand your capabilities. You are a bad writer. That is the thought that you need to have to set an achievable, consistent frequency of blogging. Exaggerate your blogging incompetence. No matter how good of a writer you are. When you are just starting off, the last thing that you want to happen is you get burnt out and stop blogging only a couple of months in.

If you feel that blogging once a month will be too easy, that is how often you ought to blog. You can always increase your blogging frequency at a later date. It is best to start slowly and gradually build up your frequency.

Blog once a month, three months later if you’re confident increase your blogging to twice a month. Then increase to three times a month a further three months later if you’re confident.

Confidence in blogging refers to not just how many blog posts you can turn out in a set period of time. However, it does refer to the quality of your blog posts. Anyone can write a blog post a day; a few can write a good blog posts a day.

If you want to have a new blog post up every day you’re not the right person to write it, you need to get it outsourced. I would never expect a business that is new to blogging be able to turn out a blog a day because setting the frequency is the easy bit, sticking to it is where you will…well…get stuck.

Written By

Richard Norris

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