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The 8 Types of Digital Marketing Channels You Must Know About

Posted: Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 2:29:53 AM AEST by Richard Norris
Digital marketing is the all-encompassing centrepiece of a modern business's success. In order to stay competitive and relevant companies, today have to have a virtual presence. Even if it is a base-level webpage, the need to put some kind of promotion online is vitally necessary. Unfortunately, a newly minted business may have trouble finding the right channels for them. The wide variety of choices and tactics can be quite daunting. Additionally, a smaller business may not have the budget necessary to utilize all the marketing types currently available. Therefore, a business using digital marketing need to plan out the specific channels they will use. These channels have to convert, attract, and engage customers in a way that suits the company itself. A statement easier said than done.

Digital Marketing Virtual marketing channels are a minefield of possibilities. Everything is so bright and inviting companies often want to go with the first thing they see. Despite the glitz, specific channels will be a better fit for specific businesses. What follows is a list of eight different digital marketing types that may suit your specific business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO was one of the first marketing channels to open online. Despite its age, it is still one of the strongest forms of digital marketing available. SEO deals with search engine results. Online consumers use search engines constantly, most reflexively going with a company that appears on the first page of results. Although 94% of those results are organic, SEO can get your company closer to that first page by increasing your ranking. This means that your business will have a better shot at being featured first than others.


PPC is a promotional tactic present everywhere. This is where a short video or a side and appears within the margins of a webpage for consumers to click on. The content of the ads has to be engaging and designed to get the consumer to click because that click sends them to your webpage. PPC works by getting its funding from the clicks themselves. Every time a consumer clicks on your ad, you pay the company placing them on the webpage.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vital part of any businesses virtual presence. Content is the shared information your online promotions will present. This information can be in written, audio, or visual form. Content is present in blog posts, e-books. posts on social media, PPC, and even the very pages of your website. It has to be creative, engaging, goal-oriented, persuasive and targeted to your specific audience. It can also be inspiring, educational, and even entertaining if that fits your specific strategy. The main goal is to saturate readers, listeners, and viewers with the idea that your company is the one to do business with.

Website Design

Sooner or later consumers intrigued by your company will visit your website. This is why website design very important in your promotional campaigns. Your website should be the crescendo of your marketing symphony, not a bland disappointment that does not live up to the preview. A good website to look at as an example is Prosupps which is a seller of pro supplements. Their website is a mix of different content types that all run together. Using different content is vital to the engaging audience. Same ways, your website should be a mix of written, visual, and audio content. ProSupps has a promotional video reel running in the background. The reel features famous users of the product, with each user's name featured by a button directing consumers to their story. The website is easy to navigate. This is the second most important aspect. Your website should be engaging but easy to use.

Social Media & Viral Marketing Social Media & Viral Marketing Social Media is a great place to saturate your business. Everybody uses it in some way. From Facebook to LinkedIn communication is a very open and visible aspect of today's society. Posting ads on social media is a great way to get your business seen. This can be done in a variety of ways. The social aspect present allows a better connection with consumers. Social media is a great place to create a market funnel. This is a strategy of tracking consumers progress to your site. Social media is a great place to initiate that progress. Social media also goes hand in hand with viral marketing.

Viral marketing focuses on getting content to go viral. This means that millions upon millions of people see the content and share it. Viral marketing studies current trends to anticipate what might create overwhelming popularity. Content going viral is akin to winning the lottery and has the same odds as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has strong ties with social media. Businesses using this kind of marketing recruit affiliate salespeople to promote the product. These salespeople get a commission in turn for their service. You might have heard about online product parties, where a host invites several people to an online event selling product. The host is the affiliate and generates interest for the product. They serve as a go-between and handle the marketing and selling. All the company has to do is sit back and rake in profit. Although part of that profit goes to the affiliate, the company gets a ton of free promotion. The affiliate will post articles and ads for the said company, they will host parties, they will create contact lists, and they will directly sell product all on their own.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Email marketing is also an oldie but Goldie in the world of virtual marketing. It is still an effective tool as around 70% of consumers still like being contacted by email. That is also all email marketing is, emailing a list of people the latest news about your company. This news can be about special promotions going on, can contain coupons, can advertise a new product, or even simply just say hello.


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