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How to Get Your Users from Attention to Action

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2018 at 2:52:31 PM AEST by Helen Cartwright
Introduction to Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed to attract and keep customers to your website. Smart business brands must learn what their customers like and use various tactics to move them to continually make purchases. However, even with quality and innovative technology for brand marketing, people remain an impatient lot.

If you don't hold their interest or attention, website visitors will search for something else. It is important to make users your website customers and this calls for a unique plan to action designed around content marketing built into your website to help perform the following actions:

* capture visitor's attention with a well-designed website
* guide users throughout your website in an unassuming manner
* answer their questions and concerns with honesty 

Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing

A few strategies in content marketing in order to get visitors attention and turn them into customers includes using video marketing tactics. People believe what they can see. It gives them a sense of trust and believability. Video marketing helps to build long-term relationships even when you have never seen them.

However, with video, they can meet your brand when you introduce your product, service, or team to potential customers. This goes a long way to instill confidence in your brand and enticing customers to want to try your product.

A great advantage in introducing videos into your content marketing tactic is that you are available every day, all day. In talking about shopper's impatience, video marketing gives customers an instant introduction of your product or service and informs them why they should purchase your brand. Video content marketing is more effective than print.

Take an example of Corporate Game Shows page to get a clear idea about putting a small video clip on your website. Introduce Yourself

Make your ‘About Us’ page an emotional moving introduction. Web designs can include images, perhaps a timeline, short impactful testimonials, or a story about the family history to create the perfect content marketing layout. Placing a call-to-action on the 'about us' page is another important component in introducing your brand and grabbing the attention of visitors.

Comparison Marketing

Online shopping is a competitive market among brand names. Mobile technology gives customers a chance to comparison shop both online and in physical retail stores. Hook your visitors by creating content that compares how your brand against other brands, demonstrating why visitors should visit your website.

Using infographics, show statistical competitive features like the difference in pricing, key features, availability, shipping, etc. Shoppers want to be entertained and not presented with mundane numbers and figures only. Incorporate unique textual content around your comparison page so that it can be indexed by top search engines and educates your visitors at the same time.

Content Upgrades

Another teachable moment for your users involves a content upgrade Your blog post should teach visitors about the 'how-to' content. When potential customers visit your website, they are looking for specific content – so give it to them. If I want to know about how to stop a toothache, I expect a website to give me all the information I need to stop the pain. Perhaps you have provided an email address for your customers to reach out for additional information by joining your website. Email messaging is used by companies to introduce promotional and high-quality content.

Another popular online communication feature is the 'live chat,' which keeps visitors who landed on your site, engaged for several minutes. With the right live chat response, your visitors will become endeared to your site due to your helpfulness.

Buyer Reviews

Buyer Reviews

Shoppers like to see what others are buying, especially when it is in the same category or features the same brand that has grabbed your interest. Reviews are read by shoppers to find out if their choice for a specific product or service is a good idea. Throw in an image or two and you have created content marketing to get users to buy your brand, thus generating effective sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a vital business metric to reach specific customers. Around 91% of retail brands use two or more social media platforms. Social media is swaying people to see a popular brand and almost without hesitation, make a purchase.

With the right marketing content on a website, you can customize the site with messages that will resonate with a specific audience. Social media channels understand what their customers want, need, and how they can be helped. Professional websites that invite people to post job opportunities also uses moderating posts that are monitored and are viewed as being a trusted content marketing resource.

Social media can vastly increase your online presence, just with one comment from a customer who liked your service or product. Your brand could get mentioned on TV and voila this can lead to boosting traffic and exponential visibility for your brand.

It is reported that 70% of businesses as acquired most of their customers through social media and nearly 84% of company executives use social media to help customers make purchasing decisions. If you want to know if social media marketing works, just ask the Kardashians, especially Kim.

Content marketing can be used to get visitors to become customers if your IT team is prepared to conduct case studies of the activities on your website. Every section of content that is created on your website should represent an actionable animus. Your content should do three things:

* address a problem
* answer a question
* provide value at certain sales stages

If your content marketing schism accomplishes these stratagems, then there is less of a risk in your analytics to always rely on stats from asking users to leave a comment or share a post.


An additional feature of content marketing to make users regular customers is the use of apps. Millennials and others are using their smartphones and downloading applicable apps which have been targeted to their needs. Create content about what interests your target audience and you will turn them into customers. When you give users something valuable and relevant, when you engage them in well-defined content, then your targeted audience will become the driving profitable customer that you were aiming for.


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