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The Power of Infographics

Posted: Monday, April 27, 2015 at 12:54:21 PM EST by Richard Norris

The power of Infographics

Why is it that a well crafted diagram or image  can get a message processed in our brains quicker that just the written word?

The answer lies in the complexity of our brains and how they process different information.

There are two main factors at play.

1. Processing Efficiency:

The human brain is a complex and interesting organ.

Our brains , as a result of natural evolution react in very different ways to various types of stimuli.

Take written text for example. Written text in terms of the evolution of the human brain is a relatively new concept and as such our bairns process written text much slower than other forms of stimuli.

Written text basically is a series of different symbols strung together to make individual words. Those works are grouped in a particular format to create sentences and paragraphs . The very building blocks of a narrative or story.

Images and illustrations on the other hand are processed by the brain MUCH faster than written text. many studies have concluded that our brains process images and Illustrations  at a much faster rate than the written word.

Study the image below and look at the image on the left and then read the text on the Right.

What did you find?

This is an excellent example of how the human brain processes images over written text

Image source


2. Expressive Potential:

Images allow us to  protray a story or concept  that sometimes words cannot either do or do efficintly.

The saying " a picture tells a thousand words " is around for very good reason.

The expressive potential that a well constructed image or illustration can portray can be far more efficient on telling a story than words.

Take a close look at  the following infographic put together by the folks at NeoMam Studios.
13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves InfographicsNeoMam Studios


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