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How to Get Your Users from Attention to Action

Posted: Monday, August 27, 2018 at 11:11:36 AM EST by Patricia Da Silva
Introduction to Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed to attract and keep customers to your website. Smart business brands must learn what their customers like and use various tactics to move them to continually make purchases. However, even with quality and innovative technology for brand marketing, people remain an impatient lot.

If you don't hold their interest or attention, website visitors will search for something else. It is important to make users your website customers and this calls for a unique plan to action designed around content marketing built into your website to help perform the following actions:

* capture visitor's attention with a well-designed website
* guide users throughout your website in an unassuming manner
* answer their questions and concerns with honesty

Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing

A few strategies in content marketing in order to get visitors attention and turn them into customers includes using video marketing tactics. People believe what they can see. It gives them a sense of trust and believability. Video marketing helps to build long-term relationships even when you have never seen them.

However, with video, they can meet your brand when you introduce your product, service, or team to potential customers. This goes a long way to instill confidence in your brand and enticing customers to want to try your product.

A great advantage in introducing videos into your content marketing tactic is that you are available every day, all day. In talking about shopper's impatience, video marketing gives customers an instant introduction of your product or service and informs them why they should purchase your brand. Video content marketing is more effective than print.

Take an example of Corporate Game Shows page to get a clear idea about putting a small video clip on your website. Introduce Yourself

Make your ‘About Us’ page an emotional moving introduction. Web designs can include images, perhaps a timeline, short impactful testimonials, or a story about the family history to create the perfect content marketing layout. Placing a call-to-action on the 'about us' page is another important component in introducing your brand and grabbing the attention of visitors.

Comparison Marketing

Online shopping is a competitive market among brand names. Mobile technology gives customers a chance to comparison shop both online and in physical retail stores. Hook your visitors by creating content that compares how your brand against other brands, demonstrating why visitors should visit your website.

Using infographics, show statistical competitive features like the difference in pricing, key features, availability, shipping, etc. Shoppers want to be entertained and not presented with mundane numbers and figures only. Incorporate unique textual content around your comparison page so that it can be indexed by top search engines and educates your visitors at the same time.

Content Upgrades

Another teachable moment for your users involves a content upgrade Your blog post should teach visitors about the 'how-to' content. When potential customers visit your website, they are looking for specific content – so give it to them. If I want to know about how to stop a toothache, I expect a website to give me all the information I need to stop the pain. Perhaps you have provided an email address for your customers to reach out for additional information by joining your website. Email messaging is used by companies to introduce promotional and high-quality content.

Another popular online communication feature is the 'live chat,' which keeps visitors who landed on your site, engaged for several minutes. With the right live chat response, your visitors will become endeared to your site due to your helpfulness.

Buyer Reviews

Buyer Reviews

Shoppers like to see what others are buying, especially when it is in the same category or features the same brand that has grabbed your interest. Reviews are read by shoppers to find out if their choice for a specific product or service is a good idea. Throw in an image or two and you have created content marketing to get users to buy your brand, thus generating effective sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a vital business metric to reach specific customers. Around 91% of retail brands use two or more social media platforms. Social media is swaying people to see a popular brand and almost without hesitation, make a purchase.

With the right marketing content on a website, you can customize the site with messages that will resonate with a specific audience. Social media channels understand what their customers want, need, and how they can be helped. Professional websites that invite people to post job opportunities also uses moderating posts that are monitored and are viewed as being a trusted content marketing resource.

Social media can vastly increase your online presence, just with one comment from a customer who liked your service or product. Your brand could get mentioned on TV and voila this can lead to boosting traffic and exponential visibility for your brand.

It is reported that 70% of businesses as acquired most of their customers through social media and nearly 84% of company executives use social media to help customers make purchasing decisions. If you want to know if social media marketing works, just ask the Kardashians, especially Kim.

Content marketing can be used to get visitors to become customers if your IT team is prepared to conduct case studies of the activities on your website. Every section of content that is created on your website should represent an actionable animus. Your content should do three things:

* address a problem
* answer a question
* provide value at certain sales stages

If your content marketing schism accomplishes these stratagems, then there is less of a risk in your analytics to always rely on stats from asking users to leave a comment or share a post.


An additional feature of content marketing to make users regular customers is the use of apps. Millennials and others are using their smartphones and downloading applicable apps which have been targeted to their needs. Create content about what interests your target audience and you will turn them into customers. When you give users something valuable and relevant, when you engage them in well-defined content, then your targeted audience will become the driving profitable customer that you were aiming for.

Overcome the Roadblocks to Business Growth with These Hacks

Posted: Friday, July 20, 2018 at 7:30:20 AM EST by Helen Cartwright
Hacks to enable you to overcome the Roadblocks in Business Growth.

The main obligation of any team of management in a firm is to promote its growth. There are many challenges in achieving that objective. Today, we are going to discuss the business growth roadblocks and the solutions to enable you to grow your business with ease. The most common challenges include:



A large percentage of the businesspeople cite lack of time as a major problem in growing their business. One of the most common marketing strategies used by businesses today is blogging and networking. Some people claim to have no time to blog or network with key players in the industry. According to a research, more than 80% of businesses fail due to poor business practices such as maintaining proper records. Some of them claim that they do not find time to keep a record of their transactions. Scholars urge entrepreneurs to prioritize their businesses. If you would like your firm to perform well, you should make time for important business activities such as bookkeeping. With the modern technology, you can use software that helps to organize your daily tasks. There are many solutions for you to utilize and manage your time in the best way possible.


The lack of adequate capital to start and expand your business is probably the biggest roadblock for most new entrepreneurs. Growing the business may involve acquiring new assets which could be expensive. Therefore, you may need a lot of money to achieve your goal. There are numerous ways to raise money for your business. You can use your savings, borrow from friends and relatives or financial institutions in your area of operation. If it’s an existing business, you can plough back the profits earned during the previous financial years. Using your own money is the safest and most recommendable source of capital. However, you should also explore other options such as credit if your savings are not enough. Many lenders are always willing to give out loans to entrepreneurs with good ideas. To succeed in getting a loan, write a good business plan and present it to a financial institution.

Scaling up a Business

Expanding the operations of a small business is not an easy task. The service industry is considered as the most difficult to transform. To expand the operations may include increasing the number of employees and the level of production. According to statistics, most businesspeople fail at this level. It requires the transformation of the whole organization. For example, the culture of the key up with a clear vision for your business. You also need to focus on good sales strategies. Evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing strategies to determine the one that will give good results in your target market. The sales practices apply to businesses in both goods and service industries. Marketing is the main activity of any business. Some scholars recommend seeking advice from the other players in the market who have succeeded in the industry. Consulting others ensures that you can avoid making the same mistakes that they made in the past.

Resistance to Change

Most new entrepreneurs are afraid of changes due to the potential outcomes. Some scholars argue that without change, there is no progress. The management of existing businesses also fears change as some of them think that they could end up losing what they have already achieved in the past. By embracing positive change, you are likely to find new opportunities to take advantage of. For example, when social media marketing began, most entrepreneurs dismissed the idea. Years later, it is now one of the most powerful marketing tools for any business. Companies are now spending millions of money to take advantage of the large target market in the new internet-based platforms. The individuals who took the initiative to venture into online marketing when the idea was introduced are now making huge profits. The entrepreneurs should be early adopters. It is important to note that not all new ideas pose good opportunities. Therefore, the businesspeople must evaluate the new ideas critically.


It can be defined as the incentive to do something. There are different sources of motivation for an individual. Some of them could be monetary while others are non-monetary. According to some scholars, the monetary strategies are the best in motivating your workers to perform their roles as and when expected. When the employees are motivated, they perform beyond the expectations of the management. Some scholars argue that you may end up spending less on advertising your products. The customer retention rates are likely to be high when the workers have an incentive. The supervisors can focus on more important issues in the firm as the employees require less or no supervision. You should award the employees according to their contributions and also adhere to the industry standards on the minimum remuneration limits. The non-monetary strategies of motivation include offering opportunities for personal development to the employees. For example, you can adopt regular training programs.

Poor Planning

Proper planning is essential for both startups and existing ventures. A good plan spells out the steps you need to take to achieve your business goals. With a good plan, the activities of the business flow smoothly. Some business people realize that the business is out of control when it’s too late to make any adjustments. Most of them end up collapsing due to lack of the right direction. Without a good business plan, you are gambling with the future of your business. You should take time to develop a good plan to ensure that you do not miss out on important activities of the business.

Identify your Ideal Customers

Failure to identify the ideal customers for your business can lead to making unnecessary expenses. You should identify the ideal target market and aim at meeting its needs. Maintaining higher customer retention is important. Consider developing new product features to meet the changing needs of the clients and attracting new ones. Many firms fail due to their inability to introduce new product features. Ensure that all the key stakeholders are informed about coming up with better product features.

It is worth noting that every growing business is likely to face some challenges. However, the best solution is to have a positive attitude and embracing new opportunities as and when they arise. There is a need for every business to take advantage of the modern technology to create a competitive advantage over the competitors.

Business Owners' Guide to Sustainable Profit Margin

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 11:57:46 AM EST by Helen Cartwright
Importance of using a Penetration Test in business

E-commerce statistics are continuously vulnerable to business change, as exponential growth within the business market continues to take hold. The recent figures show that over 40% of the global internet users to purchase goods online. They use their devices such as tablets, laptops and cell phones. The figure shows that e-commerce is doing well due to the high number of online buyers, which is also increasing day by day.

With this in mind, it is best if you take some precaution towards safeguarding your online business. It is heartbreaking for you to lose your business due to cyber-attack. For you to have the best company ever, you can consider:

Blog Post Investing in a Test

A penetrating test is a proactive and authorized way of breaching the security of an online structure or a website. However, the act is done in a controlled environment, as a way of testing specific vulnerabilities surrounding the OS, application flaws and service.

The test can also be used in monitoring any data loss and help in ending the user behavior. The analysis will enable you to identify some potential security issues before the website is breached. The breaching will allow you in protecting your site as well as the sensitive data that belongs to your clients.

Any established service providers currently lead the online market. They do some follow-up to the controlled test with some tailored solutions that suit your business.

Importance of Content-aware Data Policies

When it comes to data loss, it is best if you consider creating an infrastructure that will allow a viable flow of statistics within your business. Do this by not placing the employee and client privacy at risk. At this point, the content-aware data policies come in, as they generate a system that consumes programmed filters in managing data requirements and transfers on their merit.

The items of criteria and filters include the employee's authorization status, endpoint monitoring, and the file extension types, and will only transfer requests that meet the requirements.

Protecting the business against basic SQL Attacks

As a matter of urgency, you must be aware of some basic attacks and hacking techniques that companies must be safeguarded against. A good example is the SQL attacks, and they occur once the hackers use a web form field of a URL restriction to gain contact with your business data.

Gaining this through a necessary Transact SQL is easy. Although, you can avoid this if you consider using the parameterized queries across the whole business. You can find this feature in most web languages, and it helps you come up with a culture of awareness and proactive troubleshooting within your company.

Saving Money

One of the main reasons why most online businesses lack appropriate cybersecurity is that the owners find it is expensive to invest in it. The money used in cybersecurity comes from the company; it is advisable for every entrepreneur to see it as a long-term investment instead of an expense.

A penetration test is not expensive when compared to the advantage you will get when using one. The main idea is, you will be able to save much cash in the long term. In any case, your business is attacked or hacked; It will cost you more after losing the trust of your clients; they might consider buying from your competitor.

In addition, the test will show you how to allocate the cyber-security budget so that you can be able to use your business money well.

Preparing for GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation is a new part of the EU legislation. It is designed in a way that it gives the clients more rights in business. As a result, all companies are expected to offer better protection for the data they receive and store. At the top, the GDPR might appear as if it is covered since it changes your system and provides your clients with more rights over their information, which is stored. It is right to say that, cybersecurity and the current GDPR rules are intertwined.

Following the new regulations, any business that loses its customer's data can be charged heavily. You are not likely to meet such fines if you have some test carried out as a way of preparing for cyber-attacks. The GDPR rules affect all businesses no matter their sizes.

Safeguarding your business against any attack

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that one cyber-attack might close your company. Securing your payment portal is also vital as customers personal information get stored. You can take help of companies like Quickfee to setup your portal securely. Most companies that experience the attack do not survive for more than six months. These statistics shows that you should take some serious precautions against cyber-attacks.

In any case, you have not prepared your business with enough cyber defenses; it might inconvenience you in life since it might lead to the closure of the company. You should consider using some test since it is one of the best ways to get ready for an attack.

In conclusion, you should consider knowing the perfect test for your firm. If the testing is mandated in your company, you might be tempted to get the one that is being charged the least amount of money. It will help you have a branded report in a few days' time, on your desk and be finished. However, you should consider few things before following this route.

  • Are you ready to give some money to cater for the test? Since it is a rule that every company should have one done, why are you not leveraging the situation so that you can gain more benefits from a comprehensive and individualized test?
  • If you choose to pay for a lightweight online testing service, and later you become compromised down the way, will be in a position of defending your choice of test service, as well as the associated narrow scope of coverage? Fortunately, if all business owners care about the security of their clients and their information, then they care for the whole world.

Gain Customer Attention with Proper Website Optimization

Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 9:03:24 AM EST by Helen Cartwright

No matter what kind of business you have, the goal for your site is to grab as much attention from the customer as possible. There are many ways you can do this by properly setting up your landing page that lures customers to your brand. The end result is to get them to click on the buy button and make a purchase. When customers can effectively navigate through your website and find it easily online that's a huge plus. A search engine should bring up your website quickly without any hassles.



It's very important for any business website to have an effective SEO page. These tactics can help you increase traffic more than ever. Your visitors will find you online instead going to another page that could be similar. Your SEO includes good meta descriptions below an URL that appears in search results. Content is key and it's important that it is well written and promotes your brand. When visitors click on one of your pages, you want it to be from your content. If users can immediately find you, then you've gained more traffic and ultimately more sales. SEO is so vital to every website. Businesses must optimize their pages, so they appear in higher rankings when people are searching online for your product or service. A well-designed website with SEO will certainly make you stick out from the rest.


Once you've stepped up your game and have quality content, you want to focus on your website being listed in web directories. These often market themselves using clever social media tools or other well thought out strategies. Do your research to find how a web directory is marketed before adding it to your website. Some notable directories can be general or local. Their purpose is to service your website regardless of their service intention. Alive Directory is one of the most popular web directories out there. Several SEO experts find it to be very top notch for any type of business. Another one is Jasmine Directory which can be edited by you and provide websites per topic and regional location. Overall, your users experience will improve and grow from your site being listed in these directories.


We all know that social media has a huge influence. The goal here is to make sure that it solves a problem and a challenge. With a great social media following you can basically have an unbelievable direct contact with your users. It's important to target those networks that bring some kind of added value. Content should always be engaging or even entertaining, but don't overdo it. Social media can even help you identify more business opportunities for your company. You want to engage as much as you can and never ignore your customers trying to reach out through this platform.


You should display your USPs on your website for increase traffic. You must have a picture on your site and a statement that clearly says what the company is all about or what you offer. This is considered a good USP. Make sure to add a USP to every page on your site for promotion. It's crucial to place them at the top of each page as well. You will find that some popular sites place their USPs close to either a logo giving customers a link that they can remember. This creates a great impression and they will grasp the USP overall.

USPs are something that ultimately makes your site better than your competitors. They identify your business and makes it stand out. A USP can define exactly who your target market is for your audience. That said, once you have a good hold on your audience you know exactly how to serve them. A website USP gives the first impression and the last impression said by some experts. With a properly displayed USP it can make your traffic leap and seriously boost needed sales.


How to videos are common, but they must be done correctly. These types of video have a visual call to action than none other. They are powerful to say the least because you are not only putting up product material, you are educating your customers. This creates loyalty and keeps them coming back for more. How to videos show everything about your brand, product and additional information on new services. Your videos should be written with effective take charge content and always give a lesson. Don't be afraid to educate your customers with a step by step video like these . In the end, they will be very appreciative for these videos and your posts. You'll find your conversation rates will go up as well.


Using links in your analytics helps with tracking marketing campaigns. It lets you know what strategies work and don't work. It's great to use as a tool to find out how effective your business is actually doing. You get a chance to measure results in your display or print advertising. Analytics are supposed to collect and report your web data, so you can understand who is using your site and how. You should be able to receive an estimate of the traffic helping you make and target your marketing campaigns better. If you want to know who is clicking on what, using analytics can be very handy.

So, when you have finally scaled down how your website is going to look and what products you will offer, consider grabbing customers by properly doing web optimization. Analytics help with marketing campaigns by informing you if things are really working for your business. Conversions will also increase with a good displayed USP and using How To Videos. Social media must be engaging and informative. Customer's love to learn and you should be providing content that has that choice. Listing in directories are always good when it comes to people doing an online research in your industry. Overall, a website with good optimization goes a long way.

8 Ways a Business can lay Golden Eggs

Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 8:55:38 AM EST by Helen Cartwright

Being a business owner can be hard and stressful. It can be much better with proper planning. Research and know-how can make things a lot easier. Here are some golden eggs to build upon in order to grow a great and profitable business.

1. Get Organized and Stay Organized

Organization keeps your business running at top performance. Things won't always go according to plan, but staying on top of daily cleanliness and order goes along way. Your customers will definitely notice the difference. No one wants confusion and unclean facilities when they are spending their hard-earned money. You must make a good impression.

2. Know your Geographical Region for Your Business

Establishing a business is an important life decision. You will have to depend on those around you like family, friends, and affiliates. Location is everything for your and the customers you service. It must be easy for your clients to reach you. Traffic and accessibility could mean the difference in failure and accomplishing your dream of building your empire.

3. Know your Audience and Provide Customer Satisfaction strong>

Offering free trials and discounts will help your business grow in number. Every great business leader knows who he or she is reaching out to. Cater and teach your customers about you and your wonderful company.

A happy customer will keep coming back to your business. Think about all of the places that keep you grounded and getting through your daily routines. I am sure you do not waste time and the places that cannot properly serve you. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's believes in quality, cleanliness, and value for his business. This technique allows him to focus on the needs of his client base. His business has grown to serve many generations. Communicating with your staff will allow them to keep your customers at a level of happiness never before imagined.

Another way for customer satisfaction is to provide wide range of products so as to make them feel the product is meant for them. For instance, if you look at Ford SUVs, it offers a wide range of vehicles to cater its customers ranging from budget friendly to luxury options.

4. Build On Your Success

Reflect on ideas that can make your business number one. Building on success gives your business an opportunity to grow. Every entrepreneur must follow a plan of success. It gives you a blue-print to carry-out daily procedures from every perspective of your business. CEO and business-owner Robert Deignan follows a plan that implements developmental tech products for business affiliates and the private sector. You have to keep the customer coming back and they have to trust the work that you do.

5. Go Mobile and Become Reachable on the Web

Growing a productive and healthy business means letting as many people know as you possibly can. Your standard customer-base gives you normality, but you want to go above and beyond. Phones, tablets, and computers are extremely vital to our daily routines. They must be connected to your business through social media. Letting the customer gain instant access to your product can be beneficial. A happy customer will let others know of the great job that you do.

6. Optimize your Search Engine

Search engine optimization is generally done by professionals in the tech world. They use elements upgrade and protect your hardware and software. In addition, the experts will use algorithms to optimize the internet of your business profession. All of your skill and precision will pay off in just a matter of time. Sometimes you will notice the change overnight.

7. Decrease or Eliminate Your Debt

In business, keeping a steady cash flow is a challenge. Making all the ends meet and paying all the employees can be really difficult. Remember to have extra money for an unexpected situation or a difficult day. Never put all your eggs in one basket. That could create a devastating impact on your customer base and your business. Don't get distracted and never lose focus. The steps you take can strongly impact your organization.

8. Keep your Employees Happy

Employee wellbeing is an important factor to which can have impact in business success. While training and employee empowerment are a great start, you also have to motivate, encourage and reward. A gloomy workplace reduces productivity. Whatever needs to be done to cheer up your team, do it; order pizza at work, offer free tea, the list is endless. Additionally, keep sessions that can make them feel that company is concerned for them. Provide gym facility with workout supplements, invite a dietitian who can guide on employee health issues. Understand your employees and offer personalized incentives for outstanding individuals. Remember, when your staff members are motivated, improved productivity is a priority on their to-do list. A study conducted by the University of Warwick indicates that motivated employees are 12% more productive.


Staying focused on the goals that created your dreams and aspirations will set you apart from the competition. Knowing your plan of business will definitely make things run a lot smoother. Be patient and don't ever stop believing in your plan of action. In addition, you may feel the need to tweak it for depending on what is working and what is not. Be sure to research the geographical region of the area you live as well as where your customers will be. Continue to calculate every dollar and use each wisely. Also, connect to social media and don't be afraid to reach out to professionals that can give you help on optimizing your social curve.
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